Understanding the Timing of Transits in Astrology and Numerology

By Tiffany Harelik, MA

When life pitches a tough season, not knowing when the worst will be over can be debilitating. Going through hard times is inevitable, but astrology and numerology can assist you in clarifying when things will lighten up. Understanding the timing of the transits is an invaluable asset in your metaphysical toolbox.


Three quick things you can do to support a change:


1 – Change the vibe inside.

Purifying your thoughts, actions, and words around your current dilemma is the best place to start. It’s always an inside job. Actively remove resentments, fears, and anything blocking you to your connection with your Spiritual self through an inventory you share with a friend. If grieving, understanding where you are on the five stages of grief can provide some relief in knowing you’re not alone in your process and that the end is in sight (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).


2 – Look for shifts in astrology and numerology patterns.

A new cycle, transit, or phase offer a shift in energy. The first of the month always creates a new energy with the numerology, while New Moons are a great time to shift gears using astrology. Get our digital calendar or journal to know when the transits are, and how to handle them.


3 – Clean house.

Raise the vibe of your space by scrubbing your physical body, your bedroom, home, and office space. Light candles, play beautiful music, and wear comfortable clothes that suit your personality and make you feel your best. Washing your car, seeking forgiveness when needed, changing your address numerology, and cleaning out the garage or fridge can yield similar results. Salt baths, salt circles around your property, and leaving bowls of salt in the corners of your home during the Full Moon can help detox negative energies and make space for more optimism and flow


Let’s dive a little deeper in understanding the timing of the transits.

Planets are always moving in their orbits. We take a snapshot of the planets at the time of your birth to look at your natal birth chart. This chart helps us understand why you are the way you are, what innate talents you have, and where your blindsides are. In short, it helps you see a higher plan for your life and in some ways it makes it “OK” to be you. Learn more about your birth chart here.


As planets continually move through the Skies on their individual orbits, they will form different aspects, shapes, and angles that astrologers study through sacred geometry. Transits describe the relationship of various planets in the Skies. We use transits to forecast good times full of harmony and fortune, as well as plan ahead for more challenging times.


Depending on the planets involved, some transits are felt longer than others. That’s why you can have a bad hour, a bad day, or a rough couple of months. Shorter transits with the inner planets have less impact, while outer planets and retrogrades trigger more significant material to work with over a longer period of time.


No matter how short or long, all transits build up in a crescendo. They peak with maximum intensity, and then release when the transit is exact. It’s important to understand that when the transit is exact, it’s over. The energy dissipates and clears. The lesson is revealed. Hindsight becomes 20/20.


Keep in mind that everyone is unique in the way they respond to transits. Keeping a journal will help you understand if you tend to feel the effects of certain planets/transits a little earlier, or a little later. Here is a basic guideline for when you can expect to feel various transits:


Inner Planets

  • Sun – can be felt 1 day before exact

  • Mercury – can be felt 1 day before exact

  • Venus – can be felt 1 day before exact

  • Mars – can be felt 3-5 days before exact

Outer Planets

  • Jupiter – can be felt 2-3 weeks before exact

  • Saturn – can be felt 3-5 weeks before exact

  • Uranus- can be felt 1-2 months before exact

  • Neptune- can be felt 1-2 months before exact

  • Pluto – can be felt 1-2 months before exact


Outer planets and retrogrades prolong the vibe created by the transit because they will make an impact 3 times: direct (forward), retrograde (backward), and direct again.

  • Forward (1st pass) – a new situation is introduced

  • Backward (2nd pass) – the situation requires a deepening, or a review process

  • Forward (3rd and final pass) – the situation has resolved, you’re ready to process/accept the lesson and move forward

  • Sometimes there is an extra direct/retrograde making for a total of five passes which gives you a longer opportunity to work with the energies of that transit

The Wise Skies digital calendar and journal outlines all of the major astrology and numerology transits each year. As an improvement in 2020, we’ve added full descriptions to the transits, plus easy to understand emojis – you will know what each transit means, and how to utilize them. You’ll be able to buy the digital calendar plus our NEW printed journal in the shop!

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