If you’re new to Wise Skies, I get it… there is a lot to take in. I’m so glad you’re here! No background knowledge is needed to enjoy Wise Skies. Here are some ideas on how you can easily get started.

1. Get the current forecast to optimize your month.

The free monthly forecast offers insight into the current astrology – what is going on in the Skies right now and how that affects you. Is it an optimal time to move, make appointments, learn something new, lay low, go on a date, start a new business? These are the kinds of things we discuss to help you give you practical advice for navigating the ups and downs of the cosmic calendar every month.

Get the scoop:

– Listen to the Wise Skies  Podcast on itunes/apple podcasts, stitcher, listen notes, etc.
– Read the forecast page.
– Subscribe to the monthly newsletter. 

2. Learn about your cosmic self. 

Even though you can jump in the forecasts at any time, without any experience, I encourage you to order a personalized astrology and numerology blueprint report. It helps you understand more about why you are the way you are.

Your Astrology

What was happening in the Skies at the time of your birth? 
Your Personal Astrology Blueprint is a PDF report that offers a roadmap for understanding your unique astrological profile (average 10-20+ pages $55). You will learn about your ten teachers (the planets) and their placements (in the zodiac signs) to:

– Understand your natural strengths and gain insight into your blind spots
– Recognize challenging patterns and life cycles
– Offer clarity to the way you think, love, and organize your life
– Use your birth chart as a spiritual guide to creating order and meaning to your life

You can also book a private natal reading, career guidance reading, or predictive reading with Tiffany here!

Your Numerology

What was happening with the Number Codes at the time of your birth? 
Get your Personal Numerology Blueprint: this is the most detailed numerology report we offer (50 pages, $55). It numerically decodes who you are by outlining your personal evolution and how you are intended to best influence and experience this lifetime. You’ll receive information about:

– Your Birthday Codes, Soul Expression, & Heart’s Desire
– Your Personality, Life Path, Main Challenges, Hidden Passions, & Karmic Lessons
– Your Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Intuitive Planes as well as your Main Cycles
– You might also like the personalized yearly forecast.

3. Support yourself with extra tools & resources. 

When you’re starting to put it all together, you may find some of our tools to be helpful resources along your journey. We’re glad you’re here. You can always reach us at hello@wiseskiesadvice.com.

Here are some of our favorites!

Watch Free Tarot Friday [12p CST] on the Wise Skies Facebook page – for every sign in the zodiac
Our digital calendar  – now on sale!
Our annual journal – now on sale!
Schedule a private session with me
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