2018 Astrology Calendar


The 2018 astrology calendar for your digital world

I love being able to pop into it and see Oh, the moon is VOC right now. I won’t set up that Facebook Ad. I’ll wait a few hours so I know it has a little more oomph.”
Dani Collins, Romance author


2018 Astrology Calendar Contents

  • Planetary Events calendar, January-December 2018
  • Moon VOC calendar, January-December 2018 (standard version)
  • Moon VOC calendar, January-December 2018 (enhanced version– includes Chiron and the Lunar Parallel aspect in calculations)
    Exact times of

    • Major aspects between planets. Includes Chiron and the Nodes.
    • Moon signs
    • New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses
    • Moon void of course
    • Retrogrades and shadow periods

Digital Features

  • Wise Skies Calendar files come in a universal ICS format that you can download and import to your Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.
  • View on any device.
  • Works in any time zone– and even switches with you as you travel!


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