Venus Meditation



Everyone deserves more unconditional love, not less. Known as the Goddess of Love, Venus rules matters of the heart (Libra), but she also reigns over our finances (Taurus). In health, Venus rules veins, kidneys, your throat, ovaries, and certain glands.

If you’re feeling sad, unbalanced, or financially blocked, it’s time to tap in to the wisdom of Venus medicine. When Venus is challenged, we may feel misunderstood, hurt, or creatively stifled. On the other hand, the positive traits of Venus improve our self-worth, sparks optimism, and increases our heartspace in our ability to give and receive love. No matter what sign or placement Venus has in your chart, there are lessons to learn from this personal planet.

Take time to tune in to Venus wisdom with this 20 minute meditation to:

  • Increase your heartspace
  • Improve heart health
  • Tap into your creativity
  • Trust your inner knower
  • Get clarity
  • Gain confidence
  • Increase self-worth
  • Process unconditional love
  • Support balanced finances
  • Align your streams of income with you you are
  • Stand in your light
  • Bring light and healing to your veins, kidneys, your throat, ovaries


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