The Abundance Code Series Book 1: Numerology for Your Home – PRE-ORDER RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 2018


Numerology for Your Home: Using abundance codes to shift your life by Amanda Rieger Green.


The Abundance Code Series offers tools to help you create the life you’ve always wanted. The overall idea of using numerology in your home is simple: Change your numbers, change your life. It’s all about tapping into energy and vibrations, and engaging with the number codes in your home. Be warned: This book offers you more than simple advice to shift the energy of your environment. Not only can your space be lighter, easier, and more in-the-flow with simple adjustments, you might also learn how to stand in alignment with your desires, and with your life purpose. No small thing, right? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. It all starts with changing the numbers to change the energy.


“This is a terrific contribution toward more aware, enlightened living.” -Terry Hobbs Heller, PhD

“After I used the tools in this book to create a new vibration for my home, my personal energy went from feeling stuck and lethargic to feeling motivated to improve my life. I was finally able to commit to a morning routine of meditation, reading, writing, affirmations, and visualizations. Best of all, I now love working out every day in the new energy.” Katie Shannon, Brand & Marketing Strategist

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