2020 Astrology Digital Calendar

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If you could open your  on your phone or digital device and have it tell you exactly what to schedule and when to do it… would you check it out? If so – we want to help you make the most of your day by getting in sync with the cosmos with our new and improved Astrology Digital Calendar.

– WiseSkies Astrology Digital Calendar files come in a universal ICS format.
– Compatible with Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.
– View on any device.
– Works in any time zone– and even switches with you as you travel.

What’s new in 2020?
– Descriptions + Emojis: to help you easily identify optimal vs less optimal periods and their significance
– Planetary Events: Basic planetary aspects, retrogrades + stations, ingresses
Lunar Events: New and Full Moons, Eclipses, 1st and 3rd Quarter Moons, Lunar Ingresses and VOC
– Numerology: Get an extra layer of wisdom with the monthly numerology codes + power days.
– Crystal Suggestions: Two crystal options are offered during each Lunar ingress to offer corresponding support and enhance your energies.

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