11:11 Cosmic Upgrade Portal Meditation



The 11 on its own is called the Master Manifester or Master Intuitive in Numerology. The repeating 1s signify two pillars. 1 is the pillar of the human world and the other 1 is the pillar of the realm of spirit – or another “dimension” that isn’t tangible. Tapping into the number 11 is all about interconnecting our human, physical reality with a quantum or spiritual reality (insert whatever language you are comfortable with based on your beliefs).

The 11:11 signifies an expanded portal through the “Master Builder,” or 22 (11 + 11 = 22) and transmuting the 11 into something significant, viable and practical.

Join Amanda Rieger Green as she takes you on a guided journey through the 11:11 portal where you will encounter your mental intelligence, your emotional intelligence and your physical intelligence, integrating and upgrading your consciousness awareness with your cosmic, infinite self.

In this 22 minute guided meditation and journey you will:

Experience clarity, calm and peace

Recognize your infinite, divine self

Feel interconnected and ONE with yourself and the universe

Know your innate strength and wisdom

Upgrade your cells, DNA & consciousness



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