It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
And let’s change the way we treat each other -2Pac


Intention: I experience the wonderment of my soul and recognize that my thoughts and emotions are integral to my experience in this reality.

Crystal: Chevron Amethyst
Essential Oil: Geranium
Book: You are a Badass  -Jen Sincero

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September Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & September = 3 Universal Month
(9 + 3 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3)
We’ve made it! We are in a 3 Universal Month in a 3 Universal Year! What does this mean? First of all, the energies will feel aligned, in synch. It’s a month of lessons learned and mastery. Tap into your individuality, authentic self-expression and creativity.  Invite your inner-child to come out and play! (children and pets are great inspiration of being present and playful if you find yourself down this month) Not only do we get a double dose of the charismatic, social and communicative 3, we get the Master Number 33 energy which is all about healing, unconditional love and compassion. This month may usher in some sweet energies that we are totally deserving of. Take some time to be kind to yourself, focus on self-care practices and self-compassion. With an open mind and heart, some extra luck may come your way.  Overall, this month is filled with optimism and enthusiasm, however, don’t over-do it. Find balance between your masculine and feminine energies (go back to the yin yang practices from last month). Can you experience a balance between self-care and healthy social connection?

September Astrology
September 1-13: A good omen.
September opens with good mojo and green lights: Venus/Saturn and Mercury/Uranus are both in trine formation, indicating a moment in time to say yes to new ideas.  The Sun kisses Mars in Virgo and you’ll feel like getting started right away, but easy does it – use the high energy to plan and prepare. Wait to get started until after the 18th when Saturn goes direct. 

Feeling buoyed up by Universal flow? The crazy stellium of 4 planets in Virgo squares off with Jupiter and Neptune, which activates a Grand Trine with Uranus and Pluto. This offers a signature tone for September – the essence is harmony, flow, and all parties working together. Take home message: The Universe has your back. Look for synchronicities, support, and team-members you want to work with. Who do you want to work with? Do some outreach, follow their social accounts and be ready to say yes. Make sure the deals are fair and that no one is overselling themselves or overcommitting (Mars trines Saturn and squares Jupiter while the Sun opposes Neptune Sept 8-13).  

Financial heads up: don’t spend all your money this month. Be saving up, because it looks like Halloween brings some unexpected financial changes.

Full Moon September 13th: 11:32P : Alignment
The Corn Moon in 21° Pisces calls us to dig deep. The Moon opposes Mars and squares Jupiter, indicating you might stir up some challenging emotions or situations – just know even the biggest challenges bring an opportunity to respond differently (emit a new frequency). The Moon is working her magic with Saturn, Neptune, and the North Node – this means there’s a karmic purpose even in troubled waters. Follow the wisdom of your heart.

Full Moon Numerology: 4: Processing  7: Introspection 21°: Soul Essence

Full Moon Intention: I feel whole and experience my mind, body, emotions and soul-self aligned. I am complete.

Set additional intentions around:
Alignment + Meditation practices
Following your heart + Unconditional love
Metaphysical education + Spiritual disciplines
Completing your deepest wishes

September 14-30: The moment you’ve been waiting for. Mercury and Venus both enter Libra on the 14th – there’s a tone of fairness, balance, and justice in the background. Saturn appears to slow down and station in the Skies, which can be an agitating time of frustration. Know this: it’s normal. Look to the 18th-19th when Saturn goes direct and Mars trines Pluto  – it’s time to launch one of your biggest goals/projects from the year.

Fooled no more.
The third and final Jupiter/Neptune squares brings a final piece of critical information. We’ve been working with this trickster energy all year. Look back to any lessons around confusion/chaos from January and June. This is the month when you can tie it all together. It may be time to get sober, to lose the drama, to cut your losses, and to make lemonade out of lemons. The signature lesson plays out the week of September 21. We had this unique energy in 2006 and won’t have it again until 2025. Make the most of it by really acknowledging where your faith and optimism has been challenged and grown. Reach for the breakthrough, don’t let it break you down. 

The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, and the New Moon on the 28th gives us another opportunity to embrace change and embark on a new, more fair path in some area of your life (specifically, where Libra is in your chart). 

New Moon September 28th: 1:26P: Embracing Balance
The Libra New Moon at 5° creates excitability and sensitivity in the airwaves as she forms a quincunx to Uranus and opposes Chiron.  You’re offered a moment in time to take a new perspective.  Where do you need to face the truth?  Where can you better practice and embrace balance? What might you have been remaining ignorant to? This is your wake up call.

New Moon Numerology: 1: Individual Self Expression 4: Self-Discipline  5°: Curiosity

New Moon Intention: I am willing process life-lessons and practice forgiveness, which will allow me to create space for soul-healing, evolution and an expanded consciousness.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
New perspectives
Honesty + Authenticity

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