“Must be the Season of the Witch.” Donovan

Intention: I experience ease and flow in all areas of my life, organically finding practical, effective solutions to roadblocks and challenges.

Crystal: Unakite Jasper = peace, stress relief, psychic abilities
Essential Oil: Grapefruit = energy, enhanced mood
Book: The Four Agreements -Don Miguel Ruiz
Spirit Animal: Ant = collaboration, diligance, connecting with your tribe, trust


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October Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & October = 4 Universal Month
(3 + 10 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4)
Get it together! When the energy of the 4 comes to town, we all get a nudge towards organization, clearing out the old and making way for the new. The pragmatic, practical and sometimes controlling energy of the 4 will whip us into action. Whether it’s cleaning out your living space, your office, getting paperwork in order, or doing some spiritual house-cleaning, the 4 will encourage and motivate you towards more effective life-processes. You may feel overly-detail focused this month- If so, set the intention to not get bogged down in details, rather sort them out efficiently and effectively. Also, watch out for over-thinking or analysis paralysis. Best antidote? Be mindful of needing to be right. Can you choose serenity over perfection? Find time to quiet the mind. With the combination of the 3 universal year and 4 universal month, you may find yourself getting into quite a bit of action and communicating your wants and needs. Use this energy to clear out limiting beliefs & behaviors and making space for anything that supports your Highest Good!

October Astrology
October 1-7:  Pump the breaks.
Pace yourself the first week of October – the energy is slow and dense. On the positive – Mercury moves into Scorpio and Pluto goes direct in Capricorn October 3rd – both lend good energy for research and digging around behind the scenes. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Be aware there’s a lot of indecision floating around right now – it’s not an ideal time to make long-term commitments or start new projects. The 4th is a Moon Void of Course day when we tend to feel foggy or that things are going in slow motion. This sluggish feeling is likely exacerbated a little with Mars entering Libra. Finally, a Mercury/Uranus opposition and a Sun/Saturn square this week can bring a sense of urgency and finality. It can also kick up some intense work challenges, pressures, and deadlines. Don’t feel like all the plans have to be made this week. Be prepared to second guess yourself, kick the tires a little, and look for a second opinion. Let someone off the hook – maybe yourself – and build in breathing room this week.

October 8-22: Under a Spell
Mars opposes Chiron and Venus enters Scorpio on the 8th. This feels hot, heavy, healing, and surprising. The Goddess of Love and Money is warring with Uranus in the Skies this week and you could find yourself lured in by something unusual. This is a period when opposites attract, oddball partnerships form, or you get blown away by a blind date. Venus moves on to trine Neptune Oct 19-21, and the outcome looks good. Keep honoring the highest and best good for all concerned with your intention work.

Full Moon October 13th: 4:07P: Be your own good luck charm.
The Full Hunter’s Moon in 20° of Aries calls you to become your own good luck charm by refocusing what it really means to live the highest expression of yourself. How do you do this? Peel away the versions of ego-self that limit you or cause you continued pain. Identify areas where you have been self-centered, self-reliant, self-righteous, and self-seeking. It’s time to put those things in the fire with this Moon.

On the positive, this Moon is working with lucky Jupiter, as well as the part of fortune. There is a blessing, and an opportunity for positive growth for those wanting to do the work. It’s not all smooth sailing. There is a challenging tone, to rise above and answer a personal call due to Luna’s square against Saturn and Pluto. The Aries Moon is usually drying and aggravating – be sure to hydrate, and balance the fire in the Skies with cooling Earth/Water elements in your diet.

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Dis-Ease  8: Balance & Empowerment  20°: Equality

Full Moon Intention: My head and heart interconnect synchronistically, allowing me to feel peace and serenity from the inside out.

Set additional intentions around:
Ending self-sacrifice
Putting self-centered, self-reliant, self-righteous, and self-seeking tendencies down
Casting out the things that aren’t working to build you up and create flow
Letting go of victim mentalities or stubbornness

October 23-31: Money talks, seasons change
Scorpio season starts on October 23rd, when the Sun shifts out of air sign Libra and into a more reflective and inward time of year. A Sun/Uranus opposition brings major financial upheaval and change. Keep an open mind and identify what needs to shift so you can be receptive to radical solutions.

Trick or treat?
Mercury retrogrades at 27° Scorpio on Halloween.  This is the same sign where all the money turmoil/makeover is happening, which indicates more will be revealed. You don’t have all the information you need to make brilliant decisions right now, so my best advice is to research, lay low, and keep it simple. Mercury stays retrograde through November 20th and then remains in Shadow for 2 weeks more.

New Moon October 27th: 10:38P: Finding Depth. The New Moon in 4° Scorpio brings new information to the surface. The Moon trines the North Node, a fortunate point of destiny. Follow your heart to the nearest coffee shop, or wherever you’re feeling pulled. Pay attention to who calls, texts, and shows up. Luna opposes Uranus, indicating mixed messages between the emotional circuitry and the program. Listen to the new direction you want to take and seed your wishes, no matter how quirky they may seem.

New Moon Numerology: 1: Self-Discovery  4: Responsibility 
4°: Physical | Mental | Emotional | Spiritual Planes

New Moon Intention: My physical body, my mind, my emotions and my Spirit interconnect with integrity, trust and serenity. I experience clarity. 

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Embracing your personality quirks as strengths
Seeding new wishes
Finding new resources for self-discovery
Finding connection with an intimate partner or self-love
Healing power struggles and finding your personal power
Making new financial pathways

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