Wise Skies Advice for October 2018

“Change, before you have to.” Jack Welch




October Intention: My perspective panoramically expands to incorporate compassion, beauty and depth to my experiences while also offering clarity, value, and meaning in all aspects of my life.






The main influence in the October Skies is Venus retrograde, which is happening in Scorpio and Libra (an event that only takes place in this sign once in every 96 years). Because Venus is opposing rebel-Uranus for the third time, we are in for some surprises. Here’s our best advice for you:

  • Be like a leaf on a fast moving stream and go with the flow without giving in to unhealthy impulses.
    Put extra time in your daily calendar for self-love.
  • Seek the unusual, shocking, most interesting option to catalyze healthy change within your relationships and money, but don’t implement anything until after Venus leaves her shadow Dec 17.
  • Do some serious housekeeping of the heart.
  • Consider restructuring your finances in a way that works better for you moving forward.
  • Find time for play, the people you love and laughing. Lots of laughing.

October Power Dates at a glance:

10/1 – 11:11 Portal
10/3 – Mars/Pluto parallel
10/5 – Venus retrograde
10/8 – Libra New Moon
10/10 – 11:11 Portal
10/19 – 11:11 Portal
10/23 – Sun enters Scorpio
10/24 – Taurus Full Moon
10/28 – Mercury enters Shadow
10/28 – 11:11 Portal
10/30 – Mercury enters Sagittarius
10/31 – Venus enters Libra as she opposes Uranus & squares the Nodes

Days to say yes: 4, 8, 12-16, 20-22, 25-28

Days to lay low: 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 17-19, 23-24, 29-31

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October Numerology: 3 Universal Month
Theme: Tap Into Creative Solutions & Outlets

Thank heavens for the 3 this month! The 3 energy will boost our confidence, encouraging us to get out there, mix and mingle and be social. It’s kind-of like that first cool-front that feels a little frisky and inviting or the return of the pumpkin latte. This is a wonderful bump from the universe with such intensity simultaneously served up by the Venus Retrograde cocktail. The charisma of the 3 will motivate us to look for creative solutions in situations. While we may not always seek creativity in our linear problem-solving modes, it may come our way in the form of synchronicities, opportunities, being in the right place at the right time, and so on. Be aware of the people or experiences crossing your path this month and how they may play a larger role in your abundance, personal development and happiness. Watch out for over-indulging this month. The 3 can be a bit of a spit-fire and life of the party. So just fall back on that Libra balance to ensure you’re well-rested and nourished.

Lastly, find creative outlets! Carve a pumpkin. Take a painting class. Bake something sweet for the office. Channel energy in healthy/fun ways you usually wouldn’t and likely, you’ll be surprised how the universe will find ways to pay you back or open new doors.

Week 1: October 1-7: Intensity builds.

Emotional tension is high this week with an impending Mercury/Pluto square early in the week. Moreover a Mars is in Shadow and his parallel with Pluto increases danger, as well as optimizes transformation through power plays. More is being revealed to you – pay attention and be willing to break some patterns. Watch out for intense reactions and knee-jerk responses that have the power to destroy. Utilize the lessons in front of you to have a breakthrough instead of a breakdown. Be cautious, play it safe, stay hydrated. This is not a good week for travel.

October 1st: 11:11 Portal

The first day of the month is always optimal for intention-setting, however the first of October “falls” on an 11:11 day. Tap into the magic of universal timing and set intentions around what you want to see materialize this month. Set one or two realistic intentions that you believe (the key is believing) and trust that the universe will manifest those intentions in line with your Highest Good.

On October 5th Venus goes retrograde in 10º Scorpio through November 17.

Venus is a personal planet that hits close to home. Known as the Goddess of Love, Venus rules matters of the heart (Libra), but she also reigns over our finances (Taurus). During Venus retrograde, issues around love and money are being redirected. But how?  You’ve been getting a preview of what needs to change with your love and money since September 3rd, and you’ll get an opportunity to process and incorporate lessons learned from this retrograde period Nov 17- Dec 17.

This is no small transit. Major upheaval and restructuring is going on in terms of love and money in whatever house Venus is rolling through in your personal chart. View this positively, and let it work in your favor. Be aware of the good/bad behaviors of Venus in Scorpio and learn why Venus retrograde is considered to have a Junior Mars effect on us – don’t miss the full blog post here and our free Venus Retrograde podcast.

Venus Retrograde Numerology: 6, 8 & 10
6 Day: Vulnerability
8 Universal Energy: Practical Solutions
10 Degrees Scorpio: Change

The Venus Retrograde numerology code is packed with potential for exploring and up-leveling how you experience love and values alongside your relationship with money. Sound like life class will be in session? Um, yes, that’s why we created the survival guide, meditation, and other Venus resources. The astrology will naturally encourage us to feel and face the feels in whatever area of our chart the retrograde hits. The numbers will help us strip down the b.s. Use the 6 energy to tap into healthy vulnerability and possibly expose new layers of truth. This may mean that some wounds are open, so find time to journal and release emotions in a healthy way versus stuffing, shaming or dismissing them. Those feels are the ticket to your up-leveling and shifts this retrograde. Integrate the adaptability and pioneering optimism to change associated with the 10 to move through whatever arises. Lastly, hail to the 8 for giving us that umph and practicality. It can keep us motivated and encouraged- it may even nudge us to take some risks, speak our truth and put ourselves out there.

Warning: Be mindful of overly-sensitive perspectives (6), over-doing or pushing too hard for answers/outcomes (8) and dominance (10). This behaviors may creep in and blow things out of proportion, potentially calling for you to have to make amends. This is a kind of pause when agitated energy. Asking for help or guidance can also be another healthy antidote to any aggravation or aggression that arises.

Week 2: October 8-14: Big news.

Don’t make hasty decisions. The intensity and bad behavior tendencies continues to build: Mercury is going to oppose Uranus this week, Venus will square Mars, and the Sun will square Pluto. Unpleasant surprises, news that sours the mood, and lovers quarrels are all likely. Harness your ability to have breakthroughs and know that this too, shall pass. The energy lightens by the end of the week as Mercury is on good behavior with Saturn. Embrace your inner teacher’s pet, reach out to your mentors, and study under someone who knows more than you do in your line of work or spiritual development.


October 8:  New Moon in 15’ Libra (10:46pm CST)

The lunar cycle this month underscores the Venusian energy in our Skies. The New Moon on Oct 8th is in Venus-ruled Libra, and on Oct 24th the Full Moon is in Venus-ruled Taurus. The Libra Lunar cycle highlights balance, beauty, and relationships. Keep in mind that life right now is more of an impressionist painting than a technical drawing. Specifics may not be available right away, but don’t let that stop you from making use of the abundant creativity, artistry, and spiritual connection of this New Moon. Take advantage of this little dose of magic in an otherwise tricky time.

Libra New Moon Numerology: 9, 2, 15
9 Day: Innate Beauty
2 Universal Energy: Balance & Harmony
15 Degrees Libra: Healing

The numerology code of the Libra New Moon evokes a sense of peace and well-being. Yes, a much needed soothing energetic antidote to Retrograde Venus. Utilize this break as a moment to pause and find freedom in the stillness. Freedom from _______ (fill in the blank). Maybe it’s the stress of your job/career, a personal relationship, family, health, money. Whatever is cooking for you, see if you can table its mastery over your mind and heart and choose to find calm, just for today. Use the 9 energy to tap into the innate beauty within your being. That spark of the divine you were seeded with and likely forgot when you came into human form. Find balance & harmony (sound just like Libra?) in the 2. Ask for efficiency in your day so you can equally incorporate productivity and rest. Last but not least, use the 15 for your overall health and well-being. This is one of those sweet energies that wants you to do what you love and love what you do.

Warning: Be mindful of escapism, laziness or detachment. Sometimes instead of choosing to slow down and trust in the peace that passes all understanding, we resort to escapism. With so much power and get up and go this month, a slow-down may feel uncomfortable. That’s okay. What are you afraid of?

Libra New Moon intentions:
I am naturally sensitive to others feelings and respect their point of view.
I am tactful in speech and action.
Peace flows naturally to and through me.
There is enough for everyone; I relax unhealthy competition and fears.
I let go of my fears around survival.
I am safe; my flight or flight response can relax with confidence.
Everyone deserves more unconditional love, not less.
I am refining my partnerships, specifically how I show up as a partner.
I am in harmonious alignment with my own divine right timing.
I am healing from all people-pleasing and codependent behaviors.
My adrenals and kidneys are fully supported and functioning in balance with full vitality.
I crave foods that are healthy for my body and enhance my life force energy.

October 10: 11:11 Portal

Use today to check back in on the intentions you set at the first of the month at the October 1st 11:11 portal. Are those intentions sprouting into reality? If so, affirm them. Say “thank you” and maybe add on a little magic. If not, how can you reword them to match where you are today and what you believe? Didn’t set any intentions at the beginning of the month? That’s okay. Seed an intention or two today capitalizing on the coat-tails of the Libra New Moon and the 11:11 manifesting energy.

Week 3: October 15-21: I’m gonna find me a new way to light up an old flame.

The week starts out strong, but finishes with a quack. Get important tasks, appointments, and conversations handled before Thursday. The artist vibe is a heavy influence – make some time for crafting or painting. Find ways to express yourself through song, dance, or yoga. Remember that old flames could surface during a Venus retrograde period – it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was ‘meant to be’ – but you may have some karmic relationships that are coming back around for healing and sealing the energies. P.S. – “Flames” don’t have to be love-pursuits, they can be anything you’re passionate about.

October 19: 11:11 Portal

With the Taurus Full Moon rising in the week ahead, see what’s coming up for you. By that we mean, what feels uncomfortable? Discomfort is usually the key insight into limiting behaviors and belief-systems. What needs to change in order for you to feel more safe and secure, more abundant, more peaceful? Use the 11:11 energy to create space to release limiting beliefs or behaviors. It’s also a great day to tap back into those intentions from the first of the month, the other 11:11 power days this month or the new moon.

Week 4: October 22-28: Trick, or treat?

Halloween comes early this year: The week starts out a little foggy with a large Moon Void of Course period right before the Sun moves into Scorpio as the Sun squares the Nodes. The lunar cycle completes on October 24th with a Full Moon in 1’ of earthy Taurus at 11:45am CST. Strength and vitality and common sense return Friday and Saturday, then Mercury moves into Shadow on Sunday. You’re getting a preview of what you’ll need to edit and revise when Mercury goes retrograde again on November 16th. (Are you kidding me? That’s also when Venus goes direct and Mars enters Pisces).

Taurus Full Moon Numerology: 7, 9 & 1
7 Day: Pursuit
9 Universal Energy: Embodiment
1 Degree Taurus: Break-Through

The numerology of the Taurus Full Moon “embodies” a deep sense of passion to pursue meaning. There is something quite rich and flavorful to this astro-numerology code and energy. Savor the intensity with intention to release anything standing in the way of your desires. You may have to start by asking what it is that you desire in the first place (no small question). Utilize the energy of the 7 to seek up and drop any dead weight. Tap into the 9 to embody the essence of what you desire. For instance, if you “desire a new romantic relationship,” envision what that would look and feel like. Meditate on that or see yourself in that relationship and believe for its existence. The 1 energy will push you to break-through the fears or the sludge and keep you from getting stuck in your own way or in outdated habits or belief systems.

Warning: Be mindful of resistance. Resistance to change. Resistance to shed. Resistance to people, attitudes and perspectives. Movement is key in this energy. Take a yoga class. Go for a jog. Physical movement will translate mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Taurus Full Moon Intentions:
I am financially secure, making amends where needed, and moving forward in a positive way.
When I love myself, I feel grounded.
When I experience resistance, I am organically motivated to shift my perspective.
I release stubborn behaviors that hold me back from from my well-being.
I embrace getting down to Earth: I’m patient, persistent, and practical.
My thyroid, throat health, and vocal chords are healing to their fullest vitality.
I speak my truth with love.
My blood sugar levels are balanced and healthy.
I forgive myself and others, and am easily able to bury the hatchet.

Taurus rules your throat chakra: Speak your truth. In Ayurvedic nutrition, Udana is one of the fivefold Pranas (life force energy) that represents life force energy centered in the throat. If you have been feeling misunderstood, or like you can’t say what you need to say, it may be time for a throat chakra clearing. The anecdote is ujjayi breath work to move stuck energy out of your throat chakra. In addition to ujjayi breathing, you can visualize dissolving any blockages or opaque energy in your throat area. I like to visualize a stream of white liquid crystal light flowing from the top of my head through my spine to the base of my seat, clearing and spinning each chakra system as the liquid light works it’s way through.

Cooking with the Taurus Full Moon:

  • Add garnishes to make a pretty plating.

  • Use the best china and silverware.

  • Make recipes with natural sugar like fruit and honey.

  • Treat yourself with something indulgent.

  • Think figs, berry jelly, peaches, pomegranates, sweet potatoes.

  • Herbs that support this Lunation: Clove, Rose, Mint, Thyme, Vanilla.

Week 5: October 29-31: What a long, strange trip it’s been.

October ends with a third and final Venus/Uranus opposition. If you had any question about what you need to let go of and move through there’s no hiding it now. Surprising news, shocking responses and crystal clear motives get you to a point of no turning back this week. What needs to change? What is changing that is beyond your control? Tap into more self-care and self-love this week with our Venus meditation.

Mercury moves into exploratory Sagittarius and Venus enters Libra to close out the month. It’s a great time to study religion/spirituality, take a college class, plan travel, redecorate your space, and change your address numerology.

Pssst! On October 24: We have book signing parties and mini Address Numerology workshops in Wimberley, Texas to celebrate Numerology for your Home. Buy your copy here.  Cactus Coffee Shop 10a Wimberley

There’s a big dose of good juju as lucky Jupiter trines his brother Chiron as well. Check out this article on Chiron in Aries for more about the mythos of the wounded healer in your chart and know that help is on the way.

October 28: 11:11 Portal

Okay, make this manifestation portal count. Reflect on the month of October and see where you’ve experienced success and where challenges have arising. Review any intentions. Re-affirm them with greater clarity and integrity. Offer gratitude for the wins and gratitude for the road blocks. Yes, that’s right, “gratitude for the road-blocks,” for they are often times bigger influencers than the high points.

November sneak peek:

11:11 Universal Month

11/1 – Portal
11/6 – Uranus backs into Aries for 5 months until 3/6/19
11/7 – Scorpio New Moon
11/8 – Jupiter enters Sagittarius for a year
11/10 – Portal
11/11 – Portal
11/15 – Mars enters Pisces until 12/31
11/16 – Venus direct while Mercury retrogrades in Sag/Scorp through 12/6
11/22 – Sun enters Sagittarius & Manifestation Portal
11/23 – Gemini Full Moon
11/24 – Neptune Direct
11/30 – Venus opposite Uranus + square North Node

Astrology and numerology are cosmic tools you can use for planning and awareness. Your script is written in the stars, numbers, and planets –  but your free will determines how things unfold for you. Once you know the script (the forecast), you can play the role, or you can use the forecast as a tool for awareness and pick a different path. Choose wisely, your own adventure. Tap into the magic of good timing.

“Above all, remember this: The astrological symbols, in and of themselves, are powerless. They are only symbols. The are only the weather report. You – magician, life master, time shaper – are the weather.” (Steven Forrest).

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