Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary. -Dead Poets Society

Intention: I lighten up, let go, and find grace and peace, even in the struggles, recognizing my life tests are part of my personal story.


Crystal: Tiger’s Eye = Empowerment & Stability
Essential Oil: Lavender = Calm & Clarity
Book: Eat, Pray, Love  -Elizabeth Gilbert
Spirit Animal: Starfish = Infinite Potential & Dream outside the box

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November Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & November = 5 Universal Month
(3 + 11 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5)
Upliftment, adventure and winds of change! The 5 isn’t called the dynamic force, the adventurous spirit for nothing. This shift in energy from the practical 4 to the swiftness of the 5 is a much needed dose of levity as we wind down a busy year. The 5 energy will encourage us to loosen up, love more, laugh more and feel alive and free in all that we do. Who makes you laugh? When do you feel childlike and carefree? Seek opportunities for small adventures (it’s a great time for a mini vacation, overnight or weekend away). The 5 is not a static nor stable energy, it is constantly looking for new ways to express itself. This can also bring up some anxieties and restlessness. Be mindful of fear or insecurities and find healthy ways to process any low vibes. Also, watch out for over-indulgence! This energy can be a bit chaotic in combination with the charismatic 3 if it is not balanced with healthy behaviors and self-care practices. Stay hydrated. Ground often. Get healthy sleep. Overall, enjoy yourself and cut loose! 

November Astrology

Mercury Retro in Scorpio
November 1-18:  Loose lips sink ships.
Venus enters flirty Sag the first day of the month and you might be ready for an adventure, or possibly an escape. 

Mars (libra) square Pluto (cap) – 5th – You’ll get the chance to take a second look at an intense issue from February.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Is it the same old trigger? Or is it a new dance with an old devil? Be aware of power moves, aggression, and jealousy. Pause, prepare your defense, and remember what was going on in February if you need some clues to move through this one.

The Sun trine Neptune helps you stay in right action November 6-8. You don’t have to give everyone the full story – ‘no’ is a complete sentence. It’s good to leave a little mystery. Artistic talents and projects are highlighted during this short transit. You can benefit from a compassionate, empathic point of view. 

Full Moon November 12th: 7:34A –  Letting go of stubbornness
The Beaver Full Moon falls in 19° of Taurus, possibly triggering financial fears and insecurities. The Full Moon is the best time of the month to put something to rest, to come to completion, and find yourself at a happy, well, ending. Taurus energy tends to be a little stubborn, obsessive, and fixated. Thus, one suggestion for your intentions this month is to see where you can avoid obsessing. This Moon opposes Mercury, trines both Saturn and Pluto. That’s a lot of sacred geometry in the Skies supporting healthy determination, balancing your head and your heart, while also fortifying your sense of purpose.

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Rebel Without A Cause  8: Ego 19°: Karmic Patterns

Full Moon Intention: Fear, insecurity and control organically process through and out of my body, creating space for more love, compassion and trust.

Set additional intentions around:
Letting go of stubbornness
Dissipating financial fear
Processing obsessive emotions
Coming to a place of completion
Identifying healthy determination
Fortifying your sense of purpose

November 19-30: Anger Management + Money Mojo
Who is on the attack? Proceed with caution: Mars enters Scorpio then opposes Uranus, setting the stage for explosives, injuries, and fightin’ words. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it at a cost greater than you intended to bear.

The Sun entering jovial Sagittarius lightens the intense mood on the 22nd, and brings in good money-honey vibes with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction also in Sag. Since it’s been a money-making year, let’s talk about Venus moving into Capricorn on the 25th (Pluto, Saturn, South Node). Utilize the rest of the year to make strides with your capital gains. Know this: the energy slows down significantly right before Neptune goes direct in Pisces on Thanksgiving-eve. Take a break over the holiday and get back into action in December.

New Moon November 26th: 9:05A: Embodying Joy
The Sagittarius New Moon has an excitable, spontaneous vibe and brings us the ability to find the light and laughter. Take this moment to fall in love with becoming a student of life. The numerology will help to ground and balance us in the midst of the high Sagittarius vibes!

New Moon Numerology: 1: Motivation  4: Grounding 4°: Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

New Moon Intention: I naturally find freedom, peace and joy in each day and express my gratitude and contentment whenever and wherever possible.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Travel + adventure
Higher education
Legal issues/careers
Embodying joy
Becoming a student of life

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