November 2018 Forecast


November Intention: I reclaim my soul essence, transmuting the darkness, and stepping into my light, one hour at a time.


November Mantra: When life’s not easy, there’s an easier way.




Wise Skies Advice for November: November is all about making make small, consistent changes and creating new habits and thoughts for emotional freedom. Pause, review, and take corrective measures wherever you’ve let the past run over the present.


The spiritual warriors have a simple calling: be the best version of you, one hour at a time. Be aware that the energy is not set up for efficiency. Delegate: take stuff off your plate that’s not yours – be mindful karmic ties are creating by ‘helping’ other people by doing their homework.


November is a 4 Universal Month: Pragmatism + Processing

November is called the “Master Builder Month” because it’s the 11th month in an 11 Universal Year. Because there will be heavy-duty sorting, processing, and building going on, it is important to be mindful of what you say (verbally as well as that voice inside your head). In many ways, your word is your wand. The four is great energy for editing and establishing boundaries. When in doubt, organize your closet. Do what’s right in front of you. Set reasonable goals. This all aligns with Mercury retrograde.


Key dates:

  • 11/1 – Power Portal Code
  • 11/6 – Uranus backs into Aries for 5 months until 3/6/19
  • 11/7 – Scorpio New Moon
  • 11/8 – Jupiter enters Sagittarius for a year
  • 11/11 – Power Psychic Portal
  • 11/15 – Mars enters Pisces until 12/31
  • 11/16 – Venus direct while Mercury retrogrades in Sag/Scorp through 12/6
  • 11/22 – Sun enters Sagittarius & Power Upgrade Portal
  • 11/23 – Gemini Full Moon
  • 11/24 – Neptune Direct
  • 11/30 – Venus opposite Uranus + square North Node

Days to say yes: 1-4, 8-12, 20

Days to lay low: 5-7, 13-19, 21-30

On the go? Listen to the November Podcast

Get aligned in November:

Consider the 4 quadrants as you journal: Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.


  • Does my inside voice match my outside voice?
  • How have I grown?  What have I learned this year?
  • What do I love about this year that I possibly didn’t love last year?
  • When do I feel proud of myself? What feels unsettled right now?


Week 1: Nov 1-4: There’s a bright spot in the darkness.

A Jupiter/Chiron trine revitalizes optimism, hope, and faith, yet something’s gotta give: Rebel Uranus is backing up into Aries this month and something soon pops into focus that you can’t ignore. Venus retrograde remains one of the loudest cosmic voices in the heavens. In case you missed it – here is everything you need to know about VR:


November 1: 11-1-11 Power Portal Code

The first day of the month is always a powerful energetic shift in numerology, however November 1st (1-11-11) is extra potent with the compounding 1 vibration: It’s an alignment of the human and spiritual world that evokes interconnection. Make a wish, grab some spiritual downloads and upgrade your systems during this opportune window. Capitalize on the magic of good timing by setting intentions around spirituality and soul-level transformation.


Intention: It is my intention to trust my Soul Urges, knowing that when I follow the call from within, I am in resonance with the Universal Oneness rather than resistance. I seek deep inner peace rather than defaulting to chaos and distraction.


Week 2: Nov 5-11: Rabble-rousing and radical acceptance.

“Shout. Shout. Let it all out. These are the things we can do without. Come on. I’m talking to you. Come on.” –Tears for Fears


When Uranus moved into Taurus in May earlier this year, it marked an astrological changing of the guards in a major way through 2026. On the global scale, we can expect to see major shifts in the money markets, weather patterns, and innovative farming techniques in the coming years. But unconventional Uranus has a 5-month retrograde window in spitfire Aries (11/6/18 – 3/6/19) that creates some instigator-type energy around liberation and personal freedoms. Political reform could feel like it’s backtracking during this time.


Could this Uranus retrograde period (which partially falls during Venus retrograde in Scorpio) be the cosmic guidance to rid yourself from past sexual traumas and painful events from the past once and for all? The scales of justice are available at a global and personal level to make things right and heal the karma. We saw the rise of #MeToo when Jupiter was in Scorpio. That energy shifts as well this week when Jupiter moves into home-field Sagittarius.


A Sun/Neptune trine softens the blow of the Uranus move. Pause, review, and take corrective measures. See the hole in the road before stepping in it this time.


The New Moon at 15’ Scorpio on 11/7 (10:01am CST) offers a new chapter, when you learn deeply about something in order to be able to let it go. Scorpio is a sign of endings and beginnings, highs and lows, breakdowns and breakthroughs. With Venus in retrograde in Scorpio now  along with the Sun, we can expect to feel some intensity, jealousy, magnetism, and soular transformation on this New Moon. The high vibes of Scorpio are influenced by a challenging Mars square and a healing Chiron + uplifting Jupiter transit to this Moon: you have the ability to wake up in a new day, no matter what the circumstances are, and transform any energy like the Phoenix rising through the flames. Scorp also rules sex, death, taxes, and revenge. It’s bloody passionate, we tell ya!

Scorpio New Moon Numerology: 9, 2, 15

9 Day: Power

11/2 Universal Energy: Psychic Insight & Awareness

15 Degrees Scorpio: Vulnerability


This New Moon Numerology code vibrates with that Scorpionic need for power, answers, insight, direction and clarity. Utilize the 9 to feel your personal power, trusting that resolution is coming with clarity and integrity. The Master Number 11 brings awareness that you don’t have all the answers: It’s actually empowering to ask for help or guidance rather than attempting to navigate things as a one man/woman show. Lastly, the 15 brings vulnerability to the energy. Use any rawness or sensitivity as an opportunity to confide in a close friend – it builds trust and lightens the burden.


Scorpio New Moon intentions:

I easily attract tools I need for self-development and self-improvement.

All tendencies to feel abandoned, guilty, jealous, or vengeful are completely removed from my soul blueprint.

I am the truest version of myself: I choose integrity.

I release all motivations fueled by ego or fear.

Obsessions, addictions, and unhealthy interactions are removed from my programming.

I no longer keep secrets that hurt myself or others.

My sexual, reproductive, and eliminate organs are vital and healthy.

I transmute my darkness into light.

November 11: 11-11-11 Power Psychic Portal

This day is packed with a psychic punch! The compounding 111111 energy is an opportunity to see beyond what exists on our physical plane and tap into other dimensions or levels of your insight intuition. This is a great day to meditate, do some yoga or journal: check in.


Week 3: Nov 12-18: Spiritual Warriors Rise Up

“When you know better, do better,” Maya Angelou.

Find alternative solutions: A Mars/Uranus sextile and Mars/Jupiter square brings a change in power, a new way out, and a surprise finish with bang. This sounds positive but watch out for some steam: Mars is not super comfortable as he moves into Pisces. The highest vibe of this combo brings out the spiritual warriors who are willing to play the long game. The lower vibes bring out laziness and manipulation. We need to know our ‘why’ in order to get off the couch and take action.


If it starts to feel like you’re going down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, you’re in the right place. Venus turns direct while Mercury goes retrograde. Consider themes in your love life and connection to others from the recent Venus retro period (10/5 – 11/16). For better or worse, you’re offered another period of time to review, revise, and edit… but where the focus before was the heartspace, the focus now is on your mindset.


Mercury Retrograde Numerology: 9, 2, 13

9 Day: Summation

11/2 Universal Energy: Relationships

13 Degrees Sagittarius: Putting Everything In Its Place


The 9 in this code signifies the summation of lessons learned. So, expect to see old stuff that you’ve been working on but with a new twist. Finish what you’ve started is the message. With the 11/2 we’ve got the Universal 11 theme for the year of relationships. How do you relate to _____________ (fill in the blank). Lastly, we have a process-oriented theme with the 4: trust that Mercury is helping you mentally process and cleaning house to make space for the next chapter.


Week 4: Nov 19-25: Karmic connections and wake up calls

Karmic connections. Take Thanksgiving week to redefine your mission and break it down to one word. Write the word on a post-it and put it on your bathroom mirror, front door, and in your car so you see it regularly. Make it your screensaver on your laptop and on your cell phone. Pay attention to who shows up, who calls, and what’s in your inbox: these are important connections and messages to help you tap into the self-development tools you asked for during the New Moon. The Sun trines Chiron and the North Node before moving into Sagittarius, on a Full Moon, on Thanksgiving day. Neptune turns direct in Pisces come Saturday. It’s an ideal set up to put the devices down and spend quality time with loved ones as times change.


The bigger picture with the Neptune story, is that she has been retrograde since June 18th. You have likely experienced a wake up call in some area over the last 5 months. Neptune rules spirituality, meditation, and pink and gold glitter. She also rules artists, entertainment, and escapism.  If you’ve been checked out, addicted, or unavailable, it’s time to wake up.


November 22: 11-22-11 Power Upgrade Portal

This is probably the most potent day of the month! The people who cross your path, the songs that play on the radio, the conversations you overhear – it’s all important messaging. Be present. Be aware. Set intentions for your body to naturally and organically incorporate any upgrades and downloads. We suggest creating space for quiet and meditation. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and hydrate!


11-22-11 Intention: I trust my innate vision to unfold organically in divine right timing and know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am evolving into the highest version of myself in this lifetime. I am aware of my psychic insights.

The Full Moon is in zero degrees of Gemini 11/22/18 at 11:39pm CST. Whatever wishes you set forth in the Scorpio New Moon 11/7 are amplified and ready for completion. With a Mars square and Jupiter opposition, this Full Moon calls you to practice restraint. Pull back, put the phone down, unplug. Good sleep, nourishment and hydration are all key to supporting your shifts.


Gemini Full Moon Numerology for CST, MT, PT: 6, 8, & 0

6 Day: Self-Care

8 Universal Energy: Momentum

0 Degrees Gemini: The Equalizer


This energy is probably the most intense of the month and maybe the year. The shapeshifting Gemini Moon coupled with the Master Portal will transmit some powerful downloads and spur dynamic transformation in your psyche during this last part of 2018. Take the self-care vibe of the 6 to heart. Your head may be spinning and backed up with momentum from the go, go, go 8. You may be tempted to overdo it – but choose rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Tap into the Yin (receptive) energy than the Yang (exertion) today.


Gemini Full Moon Numerology for ET & London UT: 7, 9 & 0

7 Day: Introspection

9 Universal Energy: Urgency

0 Degrees Gemini: The Equalizer


Trust this: You have two hard-core days of energy in a row and you are right where you are supposed to be. Whatever came up for you on 11/22 (insights, premonitions, aha moments), use those as clues to transmute any lower vibes into higher vibes. The 7 offers an introspective attitude to sift through the b.s. and get down to the core of anything keeping you from abundance. The 9 will push you to strive for your innate integrity, which can feel urgent or like you are running out of time. You’re not running out of time. Intend to remain consistently present and patient in this energy.


The 0 Degree of Gemini:

It’s always interesting when Moons or transits are exact on different days depending on the time zone. This generates variation in the Numerology codes, but the degree of the zodiac remains the same no matter where you live. The zero here is a cosmic blessing from the universe: it resets and balances any number it is coupled with. When combined with either of these Gemini Full Moon Numerology Codes, it stabilizes the energy and holds space for us to tap into the most balanced vibrations of the batty Full Moon.


Full Moon Intentions

I accept the facts and am learning to see things more logically.

I tap into my innate intelligence.

I detach from outdated, limiting mindsets.

I equalize any feelings of anxiety, tension or fear.

I choose healthy self-care.

I organically incorporate healthy sleep, eating and hydration habits into my routine.


I communicate with tact, in a way that all can understand.

I’m understood.

I feel heard.  

I acknowledge that two heads are better than one, and I’m open to multiple perspectives.


Week 5: Nov 26-30: Housecleaning of the Heart.

Break free from the chains: Venus opposes Uranus a third and final time in this pass, and squares the Nodes this week. This one feels heavy and simultaneously freeing, like an abused person who leaves once and for all. We are getting rid of deep emotional addictions, going through intense brokenness, and experiencing a housecleaning of the heart like none other in this lifetime.



Journaling in November: Use both your strengths and shortcomings as assets, guiding you to lay more solid foundations stronger than ever before. Be sure to tap into the organized energy of the 4 and trust that it will encourage you to clean up and realign anything that is inhibiting your freedom and your happiness.


Considerations: Where/when can you use your vulnerability as an opportunity to confide in and connect deeply with someone else? Who do you trust? How do you grow and practice trust?




December Sneak Peek:

  • 12/1 – Retrograde Mercury backs into Scorpio
  • 12/2 – Venus enters Scorpio
  • 12/6 – Mercury Direct
  • 12/7 – Sagittarius New Moon
  • 12/9 – Chiron Direct
  • 12/12 – Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 12/17 – Venus exits her Shadow
  • 12/21 – Sun enters Capricorn
  • 12/22 – Cancer Full Moon
  • 12/24 – Mercury exits post-retrograde Shadow
  • 12/31 – Mars enters Aries


Astrology and numerology are cosmic tools you can use for planning and awareness. Your script is written in the stars, numbers, and planets –  but your free will determines how things unfold for you. Once you know the script (the forecast), you can play the role, or you can use the forecast as a tool for awareness and pick a different path.


“Above all, remember this: The astrological symbols, in and of themselves, are powerless. They are only symbols. The are only the weather report. You – magician, life master, time shaper – are the weather.” (Steven Forrest).




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