“There’s no place like home.”    -Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Intention: I feel rooted and grounded in my thoughts, emotions and physical body while simultaneously feeling interconnected with the entire cosmos.


Crystal: Black Tourmaline
Essential Oil: Eucalyptus
Book: The Seat of the Soul -Gary Zukav

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May Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & May = 8 Universal Month (3 + 5 = 8)
Ready for a little get up and go and less intensity? In May, you will experience a shift from the more introverted and focused 7 energy to the extroverted, always movin’ & shakin’ 8. Turn the 8 on its side. What do you get? The infinity symbol. Typically the 8 is like a thrill-seeking roller coaster ride, however the 8 ultimately seeks balance and stability through mobility. Strive for fluid, centered action (envision surfing or dancing) rather than unsustainable, frenetic action (envision jumping from one ride to the next at an amusement park). You may feel more like taking risks, putting yourself out there, and launching new ideas. Go for it. Newsflash: this month you may experience financial abundance, financial insecurity or both! The trick here, no matter your circumstances is your attitude. If you embrace an abundance mentality, you will feel abundant (no matter what) or conversely, a lack mentality will render insecurities. Trust. Find your center. And remember to utilize your creative antidotes of the wonderous energy of the 3 year.

May Astrology
May 1-5: Determination.
Mars opposes Jupiter once every two years, giving us a significant boost of determination. Losing is not an option in this energy. You have the energy to do what it takes, take advantage of this during the first week of May. Step forward with confidence and leave room to grow: The recent Saturn retrograde acts as a mini-Jupiter in the Skies which increases your luck and expansion. Be cautious of inflated egos and being oversold on ideas – Jupiter tends to throw proportions off making mountains out of molehills. Sometimes this can work to your advantage if you need to increase your vision of what’s possible. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

New Moon May 4th: 5:45P: Stability and Security.  
What you think about grows. The New Moon in 14° Taurus kisses Uranus in the Skies, offering a unique set up for brilliant financial success. Any wishes for money and love are given an extra dose of good juju next week when Venus works with Jupiter for a few days.

New Moon Numerology: 9: Leadership  3: Divine Creativity 14°: Expecting the Unexpected

New Moon Intention: I feel safe and secure in my own skin, trusting that all experiences, no matter how challenging are lessons to expand my horizons and motivate my personal evolution.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Building wealth
Security and stability
Slow and steady growth + creative strategies
Combining the old and the new: think vintage charm

May 6-14: Your Inner Einstein.
Expect some surprises and good ideas this week as Mercury moves into Taurus and then conjuncts Uranus. This is a once a year transit that offers you an opportunity to tap into your inner Einstein. Consider any bright ideas or out of the box thinking as a gift from Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.

Double your luck. Venus, the Goddess of love and money trines Jupiter, the King of expansion twice a year. Pay attention to any good fortune and reach for opportunities. May 7-9. Set yourself up for success when this transit comes around again August 6-8.


May 15-20: Changing of the guards.
Venus makes her annual conjunction with Uranus this week as she moves into Taurus. You can feel the energy shift and things are looking up. Your hard work is paying off. It’s also a good time to do some online dating or creating alliances through online networks. Heads up – Mars moves into Cancer this week too. This is a masculine planet moving into a feminine sign. See where you can stop hustling and allow good things to come your way. You’re better off playing defense instead of making the first move.

Full Moon May 18th: 4:11P: Heal your death-wish.
The Full Flower Moon in healing 27° Scorpio encourages us to stop our destructive tendencies. The Moon trines Chiron and the Part of Fortune, adding some next level energy to your ability to transcend anything. Become the Phoenix rising through the flames. Let any wounds from your past surface for healing and bravely do the next right thing. If you’re struggling with a decision, it’s due to a Moon/Mercury opposition. Tap into one of the core lessons of this year: trust. Scorpio rules sex, death, taxes, and group finances. You can put these in your intentions as well. Reminder: Full Moons are a time for endings and completions – it’s not an ideal time to wish for something new. It’s time to humbly settle the energy around whatever is disturbed and not working.

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Stirring the Pot  8: Change 27°: Up-Level

Full Moon Intention: I crave healthy attitudes, behaviors and experiences, inherently choose my actions with integrity and transparency.

Set additional intentions around:
Complete and total healing
Specific healing with sex organs and elimination organs
Eliminating triggers that keep you in fear/lack/anger
Putting something to bed


May 21-31: Double trouble
The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini making us of two minds about something. Be careful that your eyes don’t get bigger than your stomach. You may feel that you can take on the world with Mercury opposing Jupiter and Venus in trine to Saturn. You’ll be tempted to try new ideas and go in two directions at the end of May. Just keep asking yourself if each activity is taking closer to or farther from the goals you set for this year and your long-term goals.


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