“On an Island in the Sun, we’ll be playing and having fun.” Weezer

Intention: Clear communication comes naturally and my words reflect my highest integrity in all circumstances.


Crystal: Sodalite
Essential Oil: Clary Sage
Book: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Iyanla Vanzant

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June Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & June = 9 Universal Month (3 + 6 = 9)
This is a key month to truly take a look back and review some lessons learned from January 1st until now. By entering into a 9 universal energy, we are incorporating lessons for change, growth and shifting up. Don’t necessarily expect to feel the shift up this month, that’s what we’ll look forward to in July. This month is about perspective, clarity, and being present with integrity. It’s a month where you may want to review your successes thus far in the year and identify challenges or limiting behaviors, attitudes or beliefs. Be willing to recognize that the seeming road blocks may be solutions in disguise. Be willing to shift your perspective, using the challenges as tools or assets.

Know your key to success and serenity this month lies in your ability and willingness to let go of what no longer serves you (hint: you may have to practice “letting go” over and over again). If you are feeling stuck or afraid, turn your attention to “being of service.” Can you volunteer this month? Can you give unconditional support or advice to a friend. Remember we are in the 3 energy of 2019 which will help you in both your communication with yourself (your discernment process) and others alike.

June Astrology

Once a year Venus, the goddess of love and money forms a trine to Pluto, the planet of powerful change. This year, the two are dancing in the financial signs of Taurus and Capricorn on June 2nd, right before the New Moon on the 3rd. Then Mercury enters homebody Cancer on the 4th shifting us into staycation mode. This is a week of fertility, magnetism, and giving your budget a bit of a makeover.


New Moon June 3rd: 5:01A: Clarity
The Gemini New Moon at 12° is about communicating clearly. If you have any family traditions or summer trips with siblings, this would be a fun date for a get together. This Moon is opposite Jupiter and square Neptune – be aware of overindulging, overspending, and overdoing it. Use a little common sense –  don’t bite off more than you can chew.

New Moon Numerology:  9: Lessons Learned  3: Communication  12°: Right place. Right time.

New Moon Intention: I am willing to communicate with integrity, trust my voice and divine right timing.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Clear communications + Right-sized budgets
Healthy discussions + Mental stimulation
Intellect + Wit
Mindfulness  + Realistic goals
Social butterfly opportunities

June 9-17: Juggling it all.
You may be of divided mind this week, or you may feel called to be two places at once – socialite Venus enters chatty Gemini while three oppositions are going down (Sun/Jupiter, Mars/Saturn, and Mercury/Saturn). If you have a lot of plates spinning, try to make sure everyone gets a little time with you on their dance card, knowing that you can’t please ‘em all. Also: What do you need to stand up for? A Mars/Neptune trine brings you karmic gifts after you’ve taken action.


Feeling a bit lost?
Remember – if it looks too good to be true, it is. A second of three Jupiter/Neptune squares reminds you about that Cosmic test of faith. What started mid-January now comes up for review and reconsideration. Are you being bamboozled? Taken for a ride? Or overselling a grandiose idea? Lost in drugs and alcohol? Going down a weird spiritual path? Pause, pivot and change your course if you need to shore up your faith. More will be revealed as things continue to play out in September. Digging deeper? Review what was happening with your optimism for life and trust in the Universe back in 2006, and compare it to what happens this year. That was the last time Jupiter squared off with Neptune, and this energy won’t return until 2025.

Full Moon June 17th: 3:30A: Answers in Adventures
The Strawberry Moon happens in 25° of good-humored Sagittarius. You need to finish this deal on your own. There’s an air of independence around this Moon, which conjuncts Jupiter. Consider what needs to end, before the next cycle can begin. Close the doors properly before you chase your next idea or project. Look for metaphors in the signs, and answers in your adventures.

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Adventure & Freedom  8: Manifestation  25°: Truth-Seeking

Full Moon Intention: Motivation, consistency, and whole-hearted effort comes naturally, with joy and fulfillment.

Set additional intentions around:
Finding answers in the adventure of life
Finding joy in completion
Fulfillment of bucket list items
Stop procrastinating
Get honest: Eliminate the BS

June 18-23: Sparks Fly
Mercury and Mars meet in Cancer this week you get an intuitive hit to pick up the phone, or send someone a message: Love the ones you’re with. These planets oppose transformational Pluto in Capricorn in the Skies, indicating a window of opportunity opens for you to make a generous power play, pivot your plans, and come up with a win-win that leaves people feeling more empowered and doesn’t require much risk. Caution lights come on for spending: when Venus/Jupiter oppose this week, there may be some buyer’s remorse or unexpected expenses that surface.

Happy Solstice! There’s a changing of the guards as the Sun enters Cancer June 21st. Vacations, staycations, and time with family become important themes this time of year. No matter what hemisphere you’re in, the Solstice is a powerful time for making wishes and intentions. With Neptune turning retrograde today through November, we are called to slow down and get on island time. Where can you tap in, tune in, and turn your lovelight on?

Solstice Numerology: 9: Self-Compassion 3: Charisma

Solstice Intention: I am discovering parts of myself that are genuine, kind and compassionate and finding opportunities to naturally share them with others.

Set Solstice Wishes Around:
Creating space for self-compassion
Honoring friends and family
Health and wellness
Offering and receiving gratitude

June 24-30: Flair
Whether you find yourself gushing adoration and praise or avoiding the know-it-all in the room, you’re feeling the shift of Mercury into Leo this week: the messenger of the Gods filters our thoughts through the lens of the Lion. It’s a good time to give/receive honors, awards, and recognition. Hug it out, dress up, and play the role of the heart-centered leader. This is an ideal time to work on public speaking, putting yourself in front of the camera, and soaking up some of the limelight. Give credit where credit is due.


Look up the definition and journal about it. Who is the know-it-all in your life? Where do you come across as the know-it-all? Is there a situation where you’ve been wrong recently? Is there a situation where you could decide to be more open-minded?

Do you want more or less of these? What are some traditions or superstitions you have when traveling? What was the best Summer of your life? What would the best Summer of your life look like now?

Name a time when you have needed to be in two places at the same time. How did you handle it? What could have made the decision easier? How would you advise your best friend how to divide their time? Do you have children (or an inner-child) that always feel like they need to be in two places? What can you do to provide consistency and comfort for them in a world where many have multiple home-bases?

How have you seen the energies of lessons learned and letting go through the 9 play out this month in conjunction with the social and communicative 3?  Where have you experienced the energetic opportunities to encourage you to review the year thus far and communicate your successes and challenges to yourself and others? Have you intentionally looked for these energies, or has it been more organic?

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OMG!! My best friend got married on the beach on June 21.
What a perfect day for it!!!