“Started from the bottom now we here.” -Drake

Intention: I stand firmly in my light, and allow others to stand in their own God-presence.

Crystal: Labradorite
Essential Oil: Juniper
Books: Strengths Finder and Magical Housekeeping


January Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & January = 4 Universal Month (3 + 1 = 4)
On January 1st, we shift from the energies of the 11/2 universal year of 2018 (where we experienced growth/challenges around our relationships and potential spiritual breakthroughs) into the 3 energies of 2019 where we will express our creativity, charisma and extroversion. The spunky sass of the 3 combined with the pragmatic and organized 4 gives a bountiful segway into this new year. The 4 offers us a solid foundation to organize our thoughts and set logical, reasonable goals. The 3 blesses us with creative problem solving and the ability to effectively communicate ideas and solutions. This month is ideal for aligning your intentions with your priorities. Determine your goals. Devise a plan of action. Be willing to take necessary action. Trust the results. When in doubt or fear, go do something to express your creativity.

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January Astrology

January 1-6: Just Do it.
New Year’s Day is surging with energy to start new projects. Mars enters Aries and the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn on January 1st indicating a good time to get clear on what principles and projects you want to put into action. Mercury enters Capricorn – align what you say you want with what you’re feet are doing and your desires shall be so. The New Moon eclipse energy coupled with Uranus direct magnifies your wish-work around long term goals.

New Moon
January 5th: 7:28pm CST: Be real with yourself.
This New Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn (15°) offers ideas around shifting our personal security issues. Moving next to responsible Saturn in the Skies, Luna  also shines light on our work goals. This Moon also shares sacred space with Pluto and Neptune, calling us into a new discipline around our personal transformation. There is a powerful stillness around this dark Moon: look within for creative solutions. Gentle reminder: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Write out goals in the first 8 hours of this Moon and bury them – trusting in the Earth’s womb to handle everything in Divine right timing.


New Moon Numerology: 6: Self-Care  9: Integrity 15°: Opportunity Through Discipline

New Moon Intention: I am willing to do the legwork for my dreams to materialize.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Spiritual Discipline + Putting Your Practice Into Action
Creative Vision + Your Masterpiece
Structured Goals + Long-term Planning
Confidence + Business + Building Your Empire
Self-esteem + Worthiness (you are worthy!)

January 7-13: Attraction rather than promotion.
Venus is the Goddess of love and money. She helps lighten the mood as she saunters into adventurous Sagittarius –  you may find yourself flirting with the idea of going back to school or exploring new travel ideas. A Sun/Pluto conjunction shifts the tone to self-development and a Mercury/Saturn conjunction gives you the tools you need to get the long-term results you’re seeking.

If it looks too good to be true, it is. Three Jupiter/Neptune squares weave a Cosmic test of faith into 2019. There may be a fall from Grace, an area where you have been too optimistic, or bamboozled by a scheme.  A journey in faith begins January 13, comes up for review and reconsideration by June 16 and plays out around September 21. Look back to what was happening in your life in 2006, and compare it to what happens this year. Were you fooled? Tricked? Dishonest with yourself or others? Did you take the reins when you should have been asking for help steering? Did you oversell something? Were you delusional? It’s important to remain in personal integrity through the ups and downs of opportunities and philosophies. It’s especially important to avoid (or heal issues around) drugs, cults/gurus, and things that take you away from your core this year. This energy won’t return for play until 2025.

January 14-20: Do what you do best.
Work smarter not harder by tapping into your natural strengths. Think outside the box. Jupiter Parallel Pluto and Mercury conjunct Pluto support your innate talents and gifts.

January 21-31: What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.
The Sun and Mercury enter Aquarius, the sign of the collective conscience. Our thoughts shift from our personal improvement to what is best for the group. A Mars/Jupiter trine indicate it’s go-time in some area. What you initiate now has maximum growth potential. Venus sidles up next to lucky Jupiter. Make any beauty appointments or luxurious self-care this week. There is a SuperMoon/ Full Moon eclipse in Leo this week. Your Mantra: I’m growing into my maximum potential with an open heart, agility and empowerment. Watch out: a Mars/Pluto square builds jealousy, resentment and power struggles at the end of the month.

Full Moon
January 20th: 11:15P: Your time is now.
With a square to Uranus, this Full Moon in Leo (0°) conjures up the unpredictable side of life. Move forward with confidence: with Chiron and the North Node positively aspected, you’re likely feeling the call to rise to the greatest occasion of your life in a radical way. Full Moons are about closure – put down the ‘old’ you.

Full Moon Numerology: 3: Extroversion  6: Self-Compassion 0°: Pure Potential.

Full Moon Intention: I tap into my pure potential and trust its unfolding.

Set additional intentions around:
Absolving neediness and insecurities
Removing fears around being the star of your own life
Letting go of doubt and self-consciousness

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