What if I told you that every question of your heart and every mystery wrapped deep within your soul could be answered and understood? Would you think, ‘this is too good to be true?’ It’s not. In fact, the answers you seek are within your reach, thanks to a beautiful gift from the Universe called the Akashic Records. Article by April Leman, our resident Akashic Records Reader

What are the Akashic Records?

Most commonly described as a metaphysical library, the Akashic Records are just that–a series of records that document everything your soul has ever done or will do. Have you heard the New Testament verse that says, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered”? This verse refers to a sacred document that stores everything you will ever need to know about your past, present and future self. 

Where are the Akashic Records located?

The Akashic Records are stored within the Pleiades star cluster located 444.2 lightyears away from Earth. Also known as the 7 sisters, this star cluster lives within our Milky Way Galaxy and represents the highest, most elevated, most pure energy in existence. It’s there, within that energy, that your records are kept. 

How are we able to access our Akashic Records?

I like to describe the Akashic Records as an external harddrive that stores all the information about your soul’s journey. Yes, you can access everything that lives on this harddrive at any time, but you’ll need the right adapter to make sure the connection is clear and secure. That’s where an Akashic Records reader comes in.  Anyone has the ability to enter their own records, but doing so can feel daunting until you become more comfortable retrieving those messages yourself. I act as a bridge, or channel, for clients who wish to open their records and gain access to all that information stored safely for us in a different dimension. 

This sounds very out there (woo woo). What does a reading look like and feel like?

I start every one of my readings with a grounding meditation. This helps our physical body and spirit body stay connected to this physical plane during our reading. Then, I say a specific mantra that opens up your records so that we both can enter together. I immediately start channeling messages that the Universe wants to share with you. Oftentimes I simply describe what your records look like. In some, I see an apple orchard. In others, we are climbing mount Everest. Everyone’s records look and feel different. Then, after I channel specific messages that come pouring out, it’s your turn to ask questions. My clients ask very specific questions, such as “when should I move cities?” Or they’ll ask more general questions like,  “What is my soul’s purpose?” and “Who are my spirit guides and how do I communicate with them?” All the questions you ask will receive an answer. However, the answer will always be what you need, not necessarily what you want. I also put up energetic barriers and boundaries so that only messages for your highest good come through. This is something I extend to ancestors and guides as well. If it doesn’t serve unconditional love and the highest good of my client, it’s simply not welcome during our reading. 


So what are you waiting for? Book a session with April, the Wise Skies Akashic Records reader, during the month of June at a special discount of $44 for a 30 minute reading. 

April is an intuitive business coach in Texas. She offers Astrology, Tarot, and Akashic Record Readings. She is a Level One Intuitive with a Scorpio-Sun, Gemini-Moon, and Leo-Rising.

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