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Wish Mapping 2021

House Clearing

House Clearing is a great way to change the frequency of your space. Here are a few of our pro-tips.

Bagua Map

The bagua is an ancient chinese energy map. Used under the influence of the New Moon, it can help optimize the energy in your home, office, or garden. Here you go!

Tarot 101 Handout

Tarot 101 is a handout that covers the basics of the Major and Minor Arcana. Ready to learn? Join the fun here.

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic principles are used to create talismans and amulets according to the Moon cycle and days of the week! Handout contributed by Lifemancy. Get the handout here!

Mantras, Planets, Chakras

Mantras, Planets, and Chakras can work together on the noble job of creating a positive vibe. Learn more in this handout contributed by Sasha Boyle. Get the scoop here!

Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology Handouts

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