August Skies: Astrology Forecast

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August Intention: I find stability through the foundation of new beginnings.  Listen to the August Podcast! Numerology August is a 3-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year Fertility, creativity, and connection are themes of the 3, while structure remains an important theme of the 4. Let’s balance the yin(3) and yang (4) energy this month! Optimize … Read More

SATURN:MARS: A new sense of time 

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Something radical is stirring in the Skies  Mars and Saturn will spend the remainder of the year in a challenging role to each other (squaring off August 5, October 16, and December 12). Insert Gong Crashing. Saturn, the grandfather clock of the Skies associated with time doesn’t vibe well with the sense of urgency Mars … Read More

July Skies: Astrology Forecast

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July Intention: I clean up my karma through personal responsibility and the assistance of unseen helpers. On the go? Listen to the July podcast! Numerology Overview July is an 11/2-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year 7 (July) + 4 (2020) = 11  psychic development, illumination Reduce the eleven: 1 + 1 = 2  partnership, harmony, … Read More

July Lunations

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In July 2020, there is a revered Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th, and a second New Moon in Cancer on the 20th. That’s right! A double New Moon in Cancer in July doesn’t happen very often. Take this as a second opportunity to integrate new pieces of the puzzle. Below are some … Read More

June Lunations

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The cosmic deck is shuffled as the lunar cycle fluctuates from a Full Moon eclipse in 15-Saggitarius to a New Moon in 0-Cancer. Are you going on an adventure in your own home? Here’s the full June forecast and podcast and below are ceremonies and ideas for you to play with. Friday, June 5th – … Read More

June Skies: Astrology Forecast

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June Intention: I feel focused and clear, and comfortable in my own skin. On the go? Listen to the June podcast! Astrology Everything shifts into a different gear this month and offers plenty of opportunities to observe yourself and find your momentum. What makes you tick? What path are you walking on and why?  Astrology … Read More

What is it like to be a Medium? [The Chipper-Jim Session]

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One connection with a deceased loved one, at the right moment, changes the rest of your entire life. Your outlook on death, dying, and connection to Spirit changes. Your view of God and Heaven changes. Years of agony and grief over questions unanswered are healed in a matter of minutes.  I’ve had the opportunity to … Read More

The Nodes in Gemini / Sagittarius

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The Dragon has Landed! The Nodes are reborn on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and we begin a new journey in Truth. What do you want to say? How will you express yourself going forward? Have you been here before? This Deja Vu-like combination paints our Skies until January 2022. What are the Nodes, exactly? The Nodes … Read More

May 2020 Lunations Forecast

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Welcome to the May lunations forecast! The May forecast and podcast are also available if you want the full scoop. This month we have a Full Moon in Scorpio, followed by a New Moon in Gemini. I’ve included a sample ceremony below as well as a ritual Cacao recipe. When the Full Moon falls in … Read More

May Forecast

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May Intention: I trust my own innate wisdom.  Astrology + Numerology at a Glance: It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer… If you’re feeling pulled into different directions, it’s likely the polarizing dance of the Sun, Mercury, and retrograde Venus in Gemini amongst the outer planet retrogrades. Realignment is key. May 4th – Numerology Power Day: Let … Read More