November Skies: Astrology Forecast

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Where are the planets guiding us? What is the Moon reflecting to us in November? The astrological weather forecast provides a navigation system for living during uncertain times… when timing is everything. I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Tiffany and I look forward to providing insight to you and your lucky stars. November Intention: I … Read More

Astro-Hacking the U.S. 2020 election

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Picture yourself listening to a piece of ancient music. You hear the deeply comforting gong keeping a bass vibration throughout, yet our interest is piqued by a cymbal crash on November 3rd.     Tiffany reviews unbiased astrological insights into the United States election in this special episode.  As observers of space, this is an … Read More

October Skies: Astrology Forecast

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Autumn is here, winter will follow, and Spring will come. This astrological season of patience, darkness, and stillness comes with a disturbance in the force. In numerology, October is a 5-month in a 4-year. We are learning how to be okay in the highs, lows, and uncertainty of life. As unprocessed emotions surface, we feel … Read More


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Red alert: There is an involution going on in the Skies this Fall: a turning towards the Self. Mars retrograde is on a homecoming mission through Aries for the rest of the year. But is it mission impossible?  A Comprehensive Guide to Mars Retrograde Listen to the Podcast The combat in today’s astrological weather is … Read More

September Skies: Astrology Forecast

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Where are the planets guiding us? What is the Moon reflecting to us? The September astrological weather forecast provides a navigation system for living during uncertain times. Listen to the podcast and check out the lunations page for more cosmic support in September. September Astrology Overview September 2nd – Full Moon in Pisces September 5th … Read More

September Lunations

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The September lunations take us from a Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd, to a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th. This article is a deep dive on how to work with the Full and New Moon energy. Here are the links if you’re looking for the full forecast or podcast. Enjoy these … Read More

Lion’s Gate Portal 2020

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After the intensity of the events of 2020, we find ourselves looking for a little extra celestial magic in the Skies. Know this: you are not alone, and help is on the way. This truly is a time to activate gratitude magic thank your lucky stars.    Listen to the Lion’s Gate Podcast + Meditation! The … Read More

August Lunations 2020

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August 3rd – Full Moon in Aquarius – Ancient Alchemy August 19th – New Moon in Leo Igniting the Cosmic Heart When the Full Moon falls in the Air sign of Aquarius, you can expect some sparks to fly. You might notice extra energy and advantageous personality quirks. This is the perfect Moon to tap … Read More

August Skies: Astrology Forecast

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August Intention: I find stability through the foundation of new beginnings.  Listen to the August Podcast! Numerology August is a 3-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year Fertility, creativity, and connection are themes of the 3, while structure remains an important theme of the 4. Let’s balance the yin(3) and yang (4) energy this month! Optimize … Read More

SATURN:MARS: A new sense of time 

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Something radical is stirring in the Skies  Mars and Saturn will spend the remainder of the year in a challenging role to each other (squaring off August 5, October 16, and December 12). Insert Gong Crashing. Saturn, the grandfather clock of the Skies associated with time doesn’t vibe well with the sense of urgency Mars … Read More