“Mr. Mojo Rising. Got to Keep on Rising.” -Jim Morrison

Intention: I find creativity, spontaneity and adventure in the expansion of my genius mind, compassionate heart and free spirit.

Crystal: Rose Quartz
Essential Oil: Rose Oil
Books: Dodging Energy Vampires and Nonviolent Communication


February Numerology 2019
2019 = 3 Universal Year & February = 5 Universal Month (3 + 2 = 5)
February swooshes in with extroverted energy! The 5 universal month will encourage adventure, spontaneity and potential opportunities. The 5 ultimately seeks freedom. It will also generate some restlessness that may bubble up in frustration, anxiety or outbursts of anger. Avoid drama-queen tendencies. If you feel squirrely, go get your energy out in healthy and practical ways (exercise, clean the house, do laundry). Because we have the constant undercurrent of the childlike, communicative and talented 3, there will be an urge to get out and go rather than hunkering down and getting things done (this is not January folks). Take advantage of being social. Plan a weekend excursion. It will be important to find time to rest, hydrate, and practice healthy self-care. Where can you strike a balance between extroverted, energy exerting activities and stillness? Lastly, be mindful of self-centeredness. The best antidote for self-seeking behaviors is to be of service unconditionally.

On the go? We’ve got you covered with our podcast!

February Podcast – Listen here! 

February Astrology
February 1-13: Loose lips sink ships.
Be aware of power moves, aggression, and jealousy in early February: the first Mars/Pluto square of 2019 falls on February 1st. Owie Zowie. Keep your karma in check. You’ll have a second look at whatever issues are bubbling up now come early November. Venus squares Chiron then moves into Capricorn on the 3rd. Be careful about drawing hard lines.

The Skies remains stirred the second week of February due to a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries. This type of opportunity only comes around once every few years. Be aware of it, so you can take advantage. This conjunction sets the tone for hot tempers and rebellious behaviors, but the same celestial environment has a high vibe too: breaking free from the mold and pioneering a new life for yourself.

New Moon February 4th: 3:03P CST: Say what you need to say.
The Aquarian New Moon (15°) works closely with communicative Mercury. This lunar influence calls you to speak your truth. What mastermind groups, book clubs, study groups, or think tanks do you want to form or join? Put it out there within the first 8 hours of the New Moon.

New Moon Numerology: 6: Considerate Self Expression  9: Non-Judgment 15°: Curiosity

New Moon Intention: I surround myself with inspirational people and recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Networking + Tapping into group resources
Being honest with yourself and others
Letting go of judgmental attitudes + practicing tolerance & consideration

February 14-28: Stamina and endurance.
Mars enters Taurus on Valentine’s Day, a sensual set up for a long dinner date. Venus and Saturn are working together in the Skies to promote a blend of doing what you love and loving what you do. The Sun enters sensitive, intuitive Pisces on the 18th and we’re called to take a softer approach.

Tune In. Normally only a once a year thing, Mercury has a date with Neptune three times this year due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle through Pisces, where Neptune is. Explore the depth of your capacity. Initiate meaningful conversations. Tap in, tune in, and dive deep. Artists, musicians, mystics and seekers of the Truth will thrive on the Mercury/Neptune conjunction Feb 17-19, March 22-24, and March 31-April 1. Circle these dates in your calendar to schedule gallery showings (or attend) write songs, book gigs (or go see live music), be heard.

A Super-Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th brings you a consideration to put an end to analysis paralysis. Practically speaking, you know that something must end so that there is room for the next new chapter in your life. Venus meets Pluto in the Skies by the 23rd, suggesting a total transformation in the heart of your business.


Full SuperMoon February 19th: 9:53A CST: Organize and clear clutter.
It’s healing for both your heart and hearth with this Virgo Full Moon (0°). Whether you’re making room in your closet for new items in your wardrobe, or letting go of tendencies to over-think things, something must come to an end with this Snow Moon.  

Full Moon Numerology: 3: Imagination 6: Healing 0°: The Stabilizer

Full Moon Intention: Stability and consistency come naturally to me.


Set additional intentions around:
Forgiving yourself and others more easily.
Getting organized physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Letting go of overly critical thoughts that limit your expansion.


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Stella Mary

Missed reading this post in Feb. Great information. Thank you for sharing.

Stella Mary

Missed reading the post in Feb. Great information. Thank you for sharing.