December 2018 Forecast


December Intention: I intuitively and innately integrate the lessons of 2018, while simultaneously experiencing adventure, freedom and peace from deep within.

Wise Skies Advice for December:

Become You.

It took a, long time to
Become the thing, I am to you
And you won’t, tear it apart
Without a fight, without a heart

~Become You; Indigo Girls

Key dates:

  • 12/1 – Retrograde Mercury backs into Scorpio
  • 12/2 – Venus enters Scorpio
  • 12/6 – Mercury Direct
  • 12/7 – Sagittarius New Moon
  • 12/9 – Chiron Direct
  • 12/12 – Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 12/17 – Venus exits her Shadow
  • 12/21 – Sun enters Capricorn
  • 12/22 – Cancer Full Moon
  • 12/24 – Mercury exits post-retrograde Shadow
  • 12/31 – Mars enters Aries

Days to say yes: 10-12, 16-20, 25, 27, 29, 31

Days to lay low: 1-9, 13-14-15, 21-24, 26, 28, 30

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December is a 5 Universal Month in Numerology:

In December, the energy shifts drastically from a pragmatic, practically focused 4 energy compounded with the Master Builder 11:11 to the fun 5 where we will experience more Aventure, Hustle, and Get Up And Go! The 5 is all about a dynamic, shapeshifting, free spirit that ultimately seeks freedom in all its pursuits (even if it doesn’t realize it- which often, it doesn’t). This energy can create new opportunities, connections, ventures and endeavors. We’ve experienced an intense 2018 Master Year 11 where all of our lessons have felt exponential and karmic. So congratulations! You’ve nearly made it to the finish line. It’s a fun bonus from the cosmos to end with some spunk and fun that the 5 will promote. Watch out though! The 5 can crave so much that it forgets to be happy just where it is. Get out of the self-will and self-centeredness this month. Embody and express gratitude wherever possible. Maybe even start the month out by resolving to make a gratitude list each day. Volunteer or be of service. Give to those less fortunate than you. ‘Tis the season! Can you find freedom in giving of yourself unconditionally this month?


Questions to consider: What does freedom feel like? Do I believe I am worthy of freedom and fulfillment simultaneously? If so, what would that simultaneous freedom and fulfillment look & feel like?


Week 1: Dec 1-9: Stirring the pot, rabble-rousing.

Let your freak flag fly, emerge with confidence, rise up and fight for your freedoms: The Sun squares volatile Mars, Uranus squares the nodes, and Mars conjuncts Neptune which puts him in a semi-square to Uranus. This feels volatile, dangerous, and has karmic effects on our generation. Be careful, stay hydrated, and see if you can react in a new, liberating way when pushed to your limits.


There’s a lot of cosmic activity the first few days of December as Venus and retrograde Mercury both move into Scorpio. This tells me we are still focused on intensity and extremes. Whatever housecleaning of the heart you’ve been working on while Venus was retrograde now comes up for editing and revising your thoughts. Use the next several weeks thoughtfully. Consider doing ‘the work’ of Byron Katie, alternative therapies and counseling, or your own inventory process to truly transform negative belief systems that are holding you back. The truth is, even if you change your mind about something, you might still be resonating with the old frequency, thus attracting the old lesson over and over and over. Your assignment is to break free from the old frequencies with any means in your tool box.


Mercury Direct in Scorpio Numerology: 9, 2 & 27

9 Day: Wisdom

2 Universal Energy: Interdependence

27 Degrees Sagittarius: The Humanitarian


As we’ve experienced an intensely analytical and likely emotional tidal wave during Mercury’s retrograde in both Sagittarius and Scorpio, the Numerology Code will help us gain clarity, assurance and comfort. The 9 will ask you to tap into your innate wisdom and trust that you are right where you are supposed to be (you are also equipped with the tools to navigate any situation or experience that may arise). This 2 will encourage us to seek independence rather than fierce independence or co-dependence in any relationship (personal, familial, romance, finance, professional, healthy and so on). How can you access and sustain that sweet-spot of interdependence in all aspects of your experience? Last but certainly not least, the 27 conjures The Humanitarian in us all. Where can we be of unconditional service. What master are we serving?


Take some time today to reflect on the last 2 weeks of this retrograde and what you are seeing differently in you life. Themes from the year may arise- this may all tie in to karmic healing and soul-level transformation. If you can’t or don’t make that correlation- ask yourself how you feel you are transforming and growing in your day to day and overall in your attitude towards your life. One day at a time folks.


New Moon in  15 Sagittarius 12/7/18 1:20am CST. Normally we look to the New Moon to feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and a new start to something with a lighter perspective. However, we are more likely feeling irritable, restless, and discontent under this New Moon, which is in a combative posture with Venus, Mars, and Neptune. It’s a tricky time to be wish-making, but if you’re anything like us, you won’t miss an opportunity to journal some intentions out despite the moody astrological climate.


Sagittarius New Moon Numerology: 1, 3, & 15

1 Day: Intent

3 Universal Energy: Attraction & Charisma

15 Degrees Sagittarius: Conflicted


The Numerology Code we are served up here creates a combo that may feel a bit confusing and scattered. Go with it rather than resisting it! Let yourself off the hook from the get-go. The 1 energy will nudge you to feel motivated and directed in your intention- you may have a highly driven sense about you. If that’s the case, questions to consider are: What is my intention today? What motivates me? Fortunately the 3 conjures up charisma, creativity and an intuition that you are both consciously and innately attracting experiences into your life. While attracting our experiences into our lives is true everyday, during this Sagittarius New Moon Numerology, be on high alert- whomever or whatever comes your way today is a mega-clue into what you’re promoting and learning.


Some things may feel fun, abundant, care-free and light where other experiences may feel heavy, intense, frustrating or painful. No matter what, know that life is in session. Every experience is a teaching tool. Shift your perspective today and consider: What am I learning about myself? Last but not least, the 15, in its highest form, generates unconditional love, care and nurture, but with this Astro-Numero code, it is likely to personify feelings of frustration or conflict – Do I take a left or right? Do I want a sandwich or salad? It could be conflicts of abundance like these or maybe this energy takes you to more serious matters: Do I want to be in this relationship or not? Is this job the right one for me? Again, shift you perspective from conflict to trusting that the answers will come if you 1. Ask for guidance. 2. believe that the answers and solutions will be revealed in divine right timing. Patience dear friends.


No matter which way you look at it, this Sagittarius New Moon serves up a lotta spice. Be patient. Get grounded. Trust that understanding will begin to unfold over the upcoming two weeks in the New Moon phase.


Sagittarius New Moon intentions:

I am patient and believe I have all the tools to navigate whatever comes my way.
I am safe. I am secure. I am loved.
I am never alone.
I trust myself to make the right decision.
I am willing to ask for help and listen to wise advice.
I allow my experiences to unfold in divine timing.
I am willing to be fair and honest.
I willingly give myself credit where credit is due.
I am treated fairly and honestly.
I am compassionate with myself and others during judicial or karmic events.
I learn about my place in the world through exploring world culture: listening to others experiences around the world, travel, exploring new foods, and listening to new music.


Chiron Direct in Pisces Numerology: 3, 5 & 27

3 Day: Creation

5 Universal Energy: Freedom

27 Degrees Pisces: Karmic Reconciliation


Wow- Chiron, The Wounded healer aligns integrity in the Numerology Code when stationing direct in Pisces (that deeply spiritual sign of completion in the zodiac). The energy of the 3 will have us feeling like we are creating something new in our lives on a soul level or possibly like we have the potential to create something extraordinary. This isn’t without the blood, sweat and tears. Chion going back in to Pisces has had us asking: “Didn’t I already deal with that!!??” This is just the icing on the karmic cake! The 5 will be bringing up that repeating December theme of freedom. Be willing to ask yourself the big questions here- Do I believe I am worthy of freedom? What does freedom look and feel like? Am I willing to set myself and others free?  The 27 appears again (as seen in Mercury Direct) and this time is really pushing the karmic reconciliation envelope. It’s all about healing old karma and transmuting that energy into something true and unconditional. Take time today to journal. Reflect on what you are learning as a human and as a divinely seeded soul. What will your contribution be in this lifetime?


Week 2: Dec 10-16: Drop the death wish, figure out what you’re fighting for.

With Chiron turning direct in Pisces this week, you may want to review this article about the magical quest of Chiron and his aspects through the natal chart. It’s time to let go of your secret death wish and figure out what and who you’re fighting for as well as what you’re resisting. Chiron will move into Aries come February, bringing you an opportunity to establish your soul identity through 2027. This is the long-journey to become you, there are no shortcuts. What will your legacy be? What impact will you have made? What do you need to drop so there is more room for who you are becoming?


If you’re having your Chiron return (we all do around age 50), it’s a major milestone in your life. Consider themes around head wounds, trauma to the head, or a crushing experience of not being able to play enough in childhood. You may also have had ideas stolen, or wounds around your identity. Maybe you feel like a ‘nobody’. Sound intense? It sure can be. Tiffany offers special Chiron readings upon request for $49 (   


There is a changing of the guards as Mercury enters Sag on Wednesday and Uranus semi-squares Neptune later in the week. We will experience some subconscious chaos,  and clashes between the old and the new. Getting in alignment with frequencies through feelings is a critical step in manifesting your best life and a great way to work with Uranus and Neptune.  What do we mean? Tap into the feeling you want to experience, not the thing you want to have, the room you want to create, or the traits of the ideal partner. How will you feel when you have those things? Start there, trust that good things are on the way, and then let it unfold in divine right timing (not necessarily your timing).


Week 3: Dec 17-23: Riding the wave.

Venus exits her Shadow, the Sun squares Chiron before entering Capricorn, and a Cancer Full Moon set the astrological tone of the week. One one hand, you may see some tension around the old guard, issues with men, and challenges with personal breakthroughs. There is no room for rigidity here: be the wave, not the particle.

A Chiron/North Node trine also floats subtle magic throughout the airwaves. Pay attention to who calls, who you run into, and what you find in your inbox this week – there’s a karmic window of opportunity to change your fate.  


Sometimes you’re the windshield
Sometimes you’re the bug
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you’re a fool in love
Sometimes you’re the louisville slugger
Sometimes you’re the ball
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you’re going to lose it all

-Mark Knopfler


The Full Moon enters 0’ Cancer on 12/22 at 11:48am CST brings psychic hits, protective emotions, and the feeling of wanting to nurture or be nurtured throughout the day. Let’s have compassion: we are likely to see a lot of moodiness and experience misunderstandings while the Full Moon is sesquisquare Venus and square Chiron. Be flexible and fluid, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. The bright spot: Because the Full Moon sextiles Uranus, you might get some genius ideas. Listen to your intuition, even if others aren’t listening to you.


Cancer Full Moon Numerology: 7, 9 & 0

7 Day: Satisfaction

9 Universal Energy: Knowing

0 Degrees Cancer: The Equalizer


With this last Full Moon of the year upon us, we are getting an intense dose of things left unfinished. The 7 energy, usually provoking “the seeker” in us all, will instead be urging us towards satisfaction- being innataly satisfied with were we are and who we are. Specifically, learning to trust that everything no matter how beautiful or painful is exactly as it is supposed to be for us to maximize our time here on the planet in these spectacular bodies. The 9 will also give us a “knowing” or deep seeded inkling that we are right where we are supposed to be. Go with that rather than attempting to analyze whatever is going on in your life. Just relax and be. (We know this is challenging- take a breather in this energy, you’ve earned it).


Lastly, we get the cosmic gift yet again (repeated from the November Gemini Full Moon) of 0 degrees. This rarity is happening twice in one year. It echos the theme of 11 or 2 that the 2018 has offered us. The 0 resets and balances or equalizes any number it is coupled with. Think of it as the “0 point field.” 0 resonates with the essence of pure potential which is “nothingness.” When coupled with the Cancer Full Moon Numerology Code, it stabilizes the integrity of the energy and holds time and space for us to tap into the most balanced vibrations the Full Moon energy offers us.


Cancer Full Moon intentions:

All is well in my kingdom.
I am time and space.
I am satisfied with where I am and who I am.
My life is valuable.
I am expanding exponentially in this lifetime.
I release any limiting behaviors or beliefs impeding my expansion.
I allow anything that no longer serves my highest good to organically disappear.
Things are coming full circle in my home.
I am easily overcoming insecurities & fear of rejection.
I’m willing to completely heal subconscious Mom-issues.
I have courage with handling the things I need to wrap up.
My intuitive side is in alignment with my practical side.


Water Magick: Take a Magic Moon Bath
Because Luna is in a water sign, it’s a good time to add the element of water in your Full Moon rituals. Here is an idea and instructions on how to take a Magic Moon bath. First, add epsom salts, essential oils, your favorite flower petals and herbs to a bath of freshly filled warm water. I like roses, basil, and rosemary but you can use anything you like. Gently pat the surface of the water with your left (receptive) hand, then begin to swirl the water counter-clockwise (if you’re wanting to receive information). Next, intuitively ask the water for permission to enter. Soak in a quiet meditation for 20 minutes to an hour. See if you can relax, melt away any rigid or tense areas, and tap into what Luna wants you to hear.


Wise Skies Kitchen: What to eat during a Cancer Full Moon
This is the Moon of home-cookin’, chefs, cooking, farmers, eaters, and digestion.  Luna’s properties in Cancer are cool, watery, and fluid. Below are some seasonal foods to consider making for your loved ones this week in honor of the nurturing Mother Moon.

  • Juice with Cabbage, Kale and Lettuce
  • Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Dill and Feta
  • Mushroom Stroganoff on top of Mashed Cauliflower with Turnips
  • Twice-baked Squash and Pumpkin

Week 4: Dec 24-31

Early in the week Mercury exits his post-retrograde shadow phase and we start to feel momentum going forward. We end 2018 with a bang as Mars enters Aries on the 31st. This brings us physical energy, stamina, and determination needed to carry out any new year’s resolutions.  


2019 Sneak Peek: Get clear on your motives in the year of ambition!

2019 looks quite unique in that we have several planets occupying Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, the South Node, and the Eclipses. The last time we saw this much activity in Capricorn was in 1284. Pluto conjuncting Saturn will finish a significant cycle (nearly 40 years!) which was seeded in 1982. Get cozy with your ambitions and motives before setting foot into 2019.

Additionally, we are entering a 3 year in numerology where the themes will be creativity, charisma and communication. This energetic undercurrent will be a super power and source of motivation in an overall intense astrological year. More to come!




  1. a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  2. desire and determination to achieve success.



noun: motive; plural noun: motives

  1. a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious.
  2. (in art, literature, or music) a motif.

adjective: motive

  • producing physical or mechanical motion.
  • causing or being the reason for something.


Astrology and Numerology are cosmic tools you can use for planning and awareness. Your script is written in the stars, numbers, and planets –  but your free will determines how things unfold for you. Once you know the script (the forecast), you can play the role, or you can use the forecast as a tool for awareness and pick a different path. Choose wisely, your own adventure. Tap into the magic of good timing.

“Above all, remember this: The astrological symbols, in and of themselves, are powerless. They are only symbols. The are only the weather report. You – magician, life master, time shaper – are the weather.” (Steven Forrest).

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