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McClennan Community College Courses

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT [Tuesdays August 3-24, 2021]

Are you ready to tune into your intuitive gifts? Come explore strategies and techniques with Tiffany Harelik of Wise Skies. You will learn to understand your psychic gifts better, and the ethics behind doing psychic readings. You will experience a session on remote viewing as well. Be prepared to interact with each other for practice. We will be in a virtual format on Tuesday nights from 6p-7:30p CST [$49 investment].

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Past Classes

NIGHTMARE LAB [July 21, 6p-7p CST]

Our dreams, good or bad, offer insight and lessons into our psyche and deepest soul guidance. We will be dissecting our nightmares with our resident Dream Analyst, Jen LeCompte in an open discussion format. All are welcome to attend. There is much to learn even if you don’t want to discuss your dreams, or don’t have a current nightmare to review.

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Do you know how to connect with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters? Do you want to fine-tune your approach to receiving cosmic downloads?

Did you enjoy the $44 special on Akashic Records in June with April Leman? She’s offering a class on the 30th to teach you how to access the records for yourself. Hope to see you in class and please like/share the post to share the magic with others.

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TAROT 101 [Tuesdays June 15-29, 2021]

Have you ever been curious about tarot cards? These ancient cards have been used since the 1700s to help gain insight into decisions and wisdom concerning major life lessons. Tiffany will teach you the ethics behind tarot, the significance of each card, and how to deliver tarot readings. This class is ideal for beginners, but all levels are welcome. Be prepared to interact with each other for practice. We will be in a virtual format on Tuesday nights from 6p-7:30p CST [$39 investment].

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Learn about the metaphysical properties and how to work with the Crystals for Summer Solstice in a workshop with our friend Elise from Zelpha’s Cloak! We will focus on Sunstone, Baltic Amber, Pyrite, Golden Healer Quartz, Fire Quartz, and Gold Sheen Obsidian – and you’ll be able to order your favorites from her in time for Solstice!

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ASTROLOGY 101 [March 17 – April 28, 2021]

Have you ever been curious about the astrological weather and how it affects us? Whether you want to explore your celestial potential, get practical answers, or strategize the months ahead, this class is for you.  This class is ideal for beginners to learn the basics of astrology by way of the planets, signs, and houses. Be ready to receive insight from others in the class, as you will practice with one another. This class taught by Tiffany Harelik will be in a virtual format Wednesday nights 6p-7:30p CST [$59 investment].

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Whether it’s a recurring dream or a one-time dream that sticks with you, Jen will teach us what exactly our dreams are telling us and help us learn more about the art of dream interpretation in this unique workshop via zoom.

RUNES 101 [February 10th, 6p CST]

In this beginner’s guide to runes; you will learn the secrets to one of the oldest forms of writing. Join Morgan (creator of Crystalline Moon and Director of Vinland Texas Vikings) as she teaches the runic alphabets and their meanings, the colorful saga, folklores, and traditions, as well as it’s uses for basic divination. Runes are not needed for this class.

A N C I E N T  E G Y P T I A N  M A G I C [October 21st, 6p CST]

Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy teaches us all about Ancient Egyptian Magic! This beginner-level class will review Heka 101 and you’ll learn how to make a talisman or amulet. If you miss the live zoom class, we will send you and all participants the video replay. Registration closes at 4p on October 20th.

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T H E  A S T R O L O G Y  O F  Y O G A [November 11th, 6p CST]

Sasha Boyle will be teaching a class on the convergence of astrology and yoga. All hearts and levels of interest are welcome to participate in this enlightening workshop. Registration closes November 10th at 4p CST.

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A K A S H I C  R E C O R D S [November 18th, 6p CST]

The Akashic records are a supernatural compendium of universal thoughts, events, emotions, intentions, and actions that have ever occurred or ever will occur. Come learn about these “indestructible tablets of astral light” in an introductory lecture by Shaman Mary Lancaster. She will also guide us through a meditation to access the records.

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CRYSTALS 101 [December 16th, 6p CST]

In this live zoom workshop, Alyson Simms will teach about the properties of 12 crystals as well as how to use them throughout your day. She will include folklore, meditation practices, and healing components of each crystal. This class is ideal for beginners, but all hearts are welcome to attend. Attendees will receive a special offer from Alyson’s Mala shop. A replay link will be sent to anyone who purchased the class whether you’re able to make it live with us or not.

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