There is a part of each of us that is on a quest to heal wounds, patterns, and beliefs from the past. No matter how many new tricks we throw at them, and no matter how long we ignore them, some of these wounds seem to never heal. At times, we find ourselves in a position of being a prisoner of our own making. It’s the cycle of Chiron through your chart that holds the key to transforming our greatest mental, physical, and spiritual wounds.

Although the finding of Chiron was first predicted by Scottish astrologer Maurice Wemyss in 1935, it was astronomer Charles Kowal who first noticed the ‘new’ planet in the Heavens on November 1, 1977. Because his discovery had a defined orbit, it was determined to be a planet rather than an asteroid or comet. Initially named Object Kowal, the planet was later named Chiron in honor of the mythical Centaur.

The mythos behind Chiron lies the story of the wounded healer. “Chiron’s genealogy is a blend of gods old and new. His grandfather was Uranus, the Sky, and his grandmother was Gaea, the Earth – both gods of the primeval elemental order.” (Richard Nolle, Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest). In a sense, the chief of the Centaurs had the best of both worlds: he was both mortal and immortal, a blend of animal-instincts, and human intellect.

Throughout history, seekers have climbed mountains and spent time with their teachers/gurus looking for wisdom, healing, and spiritual guidance. Similarly, Chiron lived in a cave with his half-brother Jupiter on Mt. Pelion. For our purposes, the cave in Chiron’s legend represents the unconscious mind and the quest for illumination. “The Fool on the Hill climbed there in search of the truth when all along the object of his Quest was inside him.” (Richard Nolle).

There are four important phases in Chiron’s story that may help you understand what he represents in your chart:

His youth. Chiron was the first of the Centaur race. He wasn’t like the other raucous and rowdy frat-boy centaurs. Chiron didn’t know how to fit in. That’s why there’s an alienation theme at some point early in your life.

His career. Eventually, Chiron found a teacher who taught him about herbs and healing, poetry, music, etc. His alienation wound, the very reason he suffered in youth, turned out to be his greatest asset once he recognized it. He could then go back to the centaurs and care for them in his full glory. He finally fit in. This is Chiron’s gift to you as well: you have a deep calling that won’t let you settle in where you don’t belong. Chiron didn’t fit in with the centaurs because he wasn’t meant to be a jock.. he needed to become who he was: a healer. Whatever brings out the nerd in you, is the thing you need to develop.

His wounding. Chiron went on to become a mentor to heroes like Hercules and Jason (of Jason & the Argonauts). After Hercules slayed the terrible 9-headed monster the Hydra, the other centaurs were fooling around with arrows dipped in her blood, a poison so deadly there was no antidote. And one of them accidentally shot Chiron, who was immortal, so he didn’t die. But the poison was so strong he couldn’t heal from it either. The only way to cope with his suffering was to transcend it by serving others.

His death. In another myth, Prometheus gets in trouble for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mortals. As a punishment, he is chained to a rock, where his fate is to have his liver eaten out by birds (and restored) each and every day. The only way he can be released from this is if an immortal is willing to take his place. Chiron offered. The Gods were so touched that they allowed him to transcend the physical, to die and be reborn in spirit. (See this link to Molly’s original Chiron tutorial).

“From the myth we learn that Chiron’s astrological significance embraces the archetypes of Teacher, Healer, Musician, Hunter-Gatherer, Master Astrologer and Quest Guide. He symbolizes self-realization and fulfillment through a holistic union of reason and passion, intellect and instinct, animal and human. A blend of science and art is perfected in his nature. He is closely linked to his half brother Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Sagittarius and the ninth house – areas of the horoscope linked to quests of all kinds. And he is also associated with his father and grandfather, Saturn and Uranus respectively.” (Richard Nolle, Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest).

Chiron offers the lesson of acceptance. Where can you embrace the inner nerd and help others? The symbol of Chiron is a key that opens the doors to healing your biggest challenges, hurts, and wounds.

With Chiron in Aries from 2018-2027, we are offered the opportunity to heal wounds in these themes:

  • Taking responsibility
  • Quitting blame
  • Improving Self-worth
  • Watching out for self-seeking motives
  • Becoming the Frontiersman, Trail-blazing pioneers, and Mavericks of our field
  • Developing innovative approaches
  • Embracing warrior energy
  • Developing power through discipline
  • Caution with being headstrong

Let go of your death wish. Aries holds the Mars vibration of energy, drive, and stamina. Be ready to tackle problems with a head-first approach. Jump ‘all in’. Limitation and stagnation will be crazy-makers during this period.

Who am I? Why am I here? The search for identity is a big theme during this 8-year period. Look for mentors that can help you achieve independence. Ask yourself the bigger questions, knowing the response will unfold slowly over time. Look for ways to ignite progress and be willing to move forward by doing the next right thing (not the next thing right).

Examples of people with Chiron in Aries are Timothy Leary, President Jimmy Carter, Carlos Castaneda, Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut, Aleister Crowley, Maria Montessori, and Carl Jung. Where can you tap into your inner genius? Your best leadership role? Your life’s greatest work?

Look to the house in your chart where Aries is, to determine more themes around Chiron in Aries and how that affects you personally. Does this fall in your 2nd house of resources and values? Or your 10th house of career? Maybe you 7th house of relationships? Whichever house is involved will reveal more about the story of what needs acceptance and healing over the next several years.

Chiron’s journey through your chart provides you with a map of your own personal healing journey.  There is more to the story than just the house and sign of this Chironian ingress. To get an idea of the Chiron cycles and how they have (or will) affect your life, we look to the major transits. Think of them as a heartbeat. There is a natural pulse to each of the transits. Some come strong and hard, others come with ease and grace. If you need help understanding the transits, and where you are in the grand scheme of them, please email me ( to get a Chiron reading. I lean on the work of Martin Lass in his book “Chiron: Healing Body & Soul” for an analysis of the major Chironian life events:

Chiron sextile natal Chiron

  • Ready or not. Unconscious wounding patterns when you’re 3-16 years old creates an open door to the healing path.

Chiron square natal Chiron

  • “Core wounds create core values.”  (Martin Lass). Conscious woundedness (in the area where Chiron’s sign and house placements are in your birth chart). Where is there an impasse, an illumination? Where is there a need for more love and security?

Chiron trine natal Chiron

  • Gaining clarity. And finding answers with the best healers, modalities, and principles that uniquely help you. This can occur as early as age 7.

Chiron quincunx natal Chiron

  • Reevaluation. This period marks a time when you are questioning new perspectives and while new blessings can come of it, it can be an unsettling time. This can occur as early as age 10.

Chiron opposition natal Chiron

  • Wake up. “Change, before you have to.” (Jack Welch). The opposition is considered the most influential of the Chiron transits. It is a prelude to the ‘mid-life crisis’ that the Uranus-Uranus opposition brings. There is a ten year period on either side of it when we are seeking answers to the bigger philosophical questions in life: why are we here? It’s a time when you can choose to wake up, and seek a resolution to our deepest healing crises… it’s also a time when you can shut down. I understand those who deal, heal, and seal this energy tend to have an easier time with their Uranus oppositions, but I don’t have much personal data to support this theory yet.

Chiron quincunx (2nd) natal Chiron

  • Assimilation. More of the dots are being connected on our healing journey at this stage and you can begin to make sense of the puzzle pieces. If you’ve been active on your journey, this transit may come easier to you than those who have ignored the call to heal. “We may feel, at times, like an office assistant trying to file a backlog of paperwork in a disorganized filing cabinet.” (Martin Lass).

Chiron trine (2nd) natal Chiron

  • Affirmation of your path and an open door to healing. “During this second trine, though, we are more likely to recognize these opportunities and possibilities more quickly and to consciously pursue them.” (Martin Lass).

Chiron square (2nd) natal Chiron

  • Mini healing crisis. Any remnants of past wounds surface again for your attention. Ideally, you have collected some tools in your healing toolkit and you are better equipped to handle intense emotions and mind/body/spirit wounds.  

Chiron sextile (2nd) natal Chiron

  • Connections, creativity, and opportunities. “It is a time, too, when there can be an increase in creativity, creativity being simultaneously one of the keys to healing and one of the results of healing. There can be fruitful meetings, events, and journeys during this time – an exchange of healing energies between us and people, places, and things.” (Martin Lass).

Chiron return natal Chiron

  • Healing cycle completed. The Chiron return is when Chiron has travelled around your birth wheel and returns to his home, at the place where he was when you were born. “It’s effect will lie somewhere between two extremes, depending on our overall level of attention to, and conscious work on, the healing and evolution of consciousness in our lives to date. In all cases, our original wounds and their attendant issues will surface again. Whether we respond with love or with fear, guilt, remorse, anger, and/or resentment will depend on our previous work.”

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A global view: looking ahead
A major theme of 2017 was a Saturn/Chiron square cycle. Themes around letting your inner child be heard, growing up, and taking a more objective approach to dealing with major wounding became available to you on your healing quest. This planetary pattern appeared between 1935 and 1952 as well, when Alcoholics Anonymous was established, during World War 2, and the Great Depression. Echoing these themes of extreme wounds/healing, there is a second major cosmic event that ocurred in the early thirties which we will see again in May 2018: the movement of Uranus into Taurus. The shift is about to hit the fan. Read more about this at – coming soon.

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