The Wise Skies Digital Calendar is your secret weapon for accessing Moon VOC periods, planetary aspects, retrogrades, and Lunations, in the time zone and comfort of your current device/phone. Compatible with iOS Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

A data calendar for your digital world.

Digital Astrology Calendar


If you could open a digital calendar on your phone or device and have it tell you exactly what to schedule and when to do it… would you check it out? Have you ever felt like you are struggling to get through the day and wished you knew why? Or when the next rough patch would end? Have you had times when you’ve made great progress with little effort and wished you knew when the next green light was coming in business? If so – we want to help you optimize your day by getting in sync with the cosmos with our new and improved digital calendar.

For those of us who know just enough astrology to get us into trouble...

“For those of us who know just enough astrology to get us into trouble, you’ll love the 2020 Wise Skies Digital Calendar. The monthly themes and intentions are particularly useful to someone like me who prefers to think big picture and longer-term; the more detail-oriented can attune into clear suggestions of what kinds of things to focus on — or avoid — depending on the alignment of the celestial bodies day-by-day. By the end of the year, you’ll have learned how to use the energies to your advantage.” – Yael Flusberg

Your purchase includes 2 calendar files

Planetary  & Numerology Events: Basic planetary contacts, New and Full Moons as well as first and third quarter Moons, Eclipses, planetary stations, retrograde periods, and numerology power days.

Moon signs and VOC standard: Makes use of mainstream calculation methods and should match the Moon void of course times on most other astrological calendars. Note: When calculating the time the Moon goes void of course:  Chiron is included as a major planet. The parallel is included as a major aspect. Calculating it this way, we occasionally (not always) come up with Moon void of course periods that start later than they would using the standard planets and aspects. That’s ok! Everyone starts to feel the void of course periods at different times according to their personal situation – you can begin to notice if you feel it early, exact, or later than we have listed.

New in 2020!

– Descriptions Emojis: to help you easily identify optimal vs less optimal periods and their significance
– Planetary Events: Basic planetary aspects, retrogrades + stations, ingresses
– Lunar Events: New and Full Moons, Eclipses, 1st and 3rd Quarter Moons, Lunar Ingresses and VOC
– Numerology: Get an extra layer of wisdom with the monthly numerology codes + power days.
– Crystal Suggestions: Two crystal options are offered during each Lunar ingress to offer corresponding support and enhance your energies.

Special Features

– Wise Skies Calendar files come in a universal ICS format.
– Compatible with Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.
– View on any device.
– Works in any time zone– and even switches with you as you travel

FAQs for installation

After you’ve purchased the calendar – here are instructions and tips to get you started.
Help for IOS
Help for Outlook
Help for Google

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