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MARCH 2019 “Men do not attract what they want, but what they are.” -James Allen   Intention: I naturally create and articulate healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life, recognizing that when I prioritize healthy self-care, I can be of maximum service to those around me. Crystal: Bloodstone Essential Oil: Mandarin Books: As a … Read More


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FEBRUARY 2019 “Mr. Mojo Rising. Got to Keep on Rising.” -Jim Morrison Intention: I find creativity, spontaneity and adventure in the expansion of my genius mind, compassionate heart and free spirit. Crystal: Rose Quartz Essential Oil: Rose Oil Books: Dodging Energy Vampires and Nonviolent Communication   February Numerology 2019 2019 = 3 Universal Year & … Read More


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 JANUARY 2019 “Started from the bottom now we here.” -Drake Intention: I stand firmly in my light, and allow others to stand in their own God-presence. Crystal: Labradorite Essential Oil: Juniper Books: Strengths Finder and Magical Housekeeping   January Numerology 2019 = 3 Universal Year & January = 4 Universal Month (3 + 1 = … Read More

December Skies 2018

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December 2018 Forecast   December Intention: I intuitively and innately integrate the lessons of 2018, while simultaneously experiencing adventure, freedom and peace from deep within. Wise Skies Advice for December: Become You. It took a, long time to Become the thing, I am to you And you won’t, tear it apart Without a fight, without … Read More

November Skies 2018

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  November 2018 Forecast   November Intention: I reclaim my soul essence, transmuting the darkness, and stepping into my light, one hour at a time.   November Mantra: When life’s not easy, there’s an easier way.       Wise Skies Advice for November: November is all about making make small, consistent changes and creating … Read More

October Skies 2018

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Wise Skies Advice for October 2018 “Change, before you have to.” Jack Welch       October Intention: My perspective panoramically expands to incorporate compassion, beauty and depth to my experiences while also offering clarity, value, and meaning in all aspects of my life.           The main influence in the October Skies … Read More