Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above – Steve Winwood



Intention: I am willing to trust the process of alignment of my mind, body, emotions and spirit, letting go of what no longer serves my highest good and creating space for more love, light and compassion.

Crystal: Bloodstone
Essential Oil: Vetiver
Book: A Return To Love -Marianne Williamson

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August Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & August = 11/2 Universal Month
(3 + 8 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2)
This month we get a burst of extra magic where we get to utilize the 11/2 energy. 1+1 = 2 which is all about balance, harmony, relationships and ultimately about interdependence. We also have a Master Number 11 month, where we can expect the unexpected, receive sudden insights, awareness and moments of clarity or even flashes of enlightenment. Interestingly, these revelations may be revealed through your interactions with others (the 2 energy). This month focus on your relationships. Your relationship with work, your family, your partner, your health, etc. Look for where you find and experience integrity in relationships and in authentic, vulnerable connection. When do you feel safe in relationships? This is also a month for tapping into your masculine and feminine energies and finding the balance between exertion and receptivity. Simply reflect on the following: How do you show up or give? Are you able to allow and be receptive to the daily flow of life? The 3 energy will be an added bonus by aiding you with the gift of gab (or, effective communication).

August Astrology
August 1-10: Double your luck.
Oops – the first few days of August feel a little clouded as Mercury stations and then rolls forward on the 2nd. Make sure you have the details right before you get out of the house August 1-2. But once that’s out of the way we have some good news around money: Venus, the Goddess of love and money trines Jupiter, the King of expansion a second time this year August 6-8. Reach for good fortune and new opportunities, or follow up on whatever was happening around May 7-9. Buy a lotto ticket, set your sails, and be open to receiving more money through multiple streams of income. How can you grow your business and double your luck?

August 11-17: One step forward, two steps back. Mercury enters Leo this week – it’s a good time for leaders to take center stage and deliver powerful messages. It’s also a great time to play – consider word games, trivia, or movies that make you belly laugh. The heavyweight planets are doing a dance of their own. Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius and Uranus turns retrograde for the rest of the year in Taurus. Ponder this big picture plot twist we will see at a global scale: out with the new, and in with the old.

Full Moon August 15th: 7:29A: Yin Yang Boom
The Sturgeon Full Moon in 22° Aquarius is complicated by Mars and Venus. Overcoming conflicts within relationships, healing codependency, and figuring out the balance of your masculine/feminine energies are themes. Check in: are the groups you’re hanging out in bringing you up or down? Make any course-corrections with your inner circle and be complete with any cycles with people that no longer resonate with you.

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Spontaneity  8: Yin Yang  22°: Selflessness

Full Moon Intention: I think with clarity, act with focus, and behave honorably, while experiencing satisfaction and pride in my progress.

Set additional intentions around:
Stop engaging with crazy-making behaviors
Set personal boundaries
Find closure with conflicts
Feeling complete with certain groups
Envisioning your highest future
Letting go of mental insecurities

August 18-30: Map your calendar out – it’s go time. Mars, Mercury, and the Sun move into thoughtful, organized Virgo, and we find a little extra drive to do some cleaning and clearing the last half of August. Physical exercise that requires stamina can be a healthy use of this energy. There’s money to be had too. The early bird gets the worm with Venus conjuncts Mars in Virgo and Trines Uranus in Taurus. Surprise everyone at work by being the first one there, prepared, and bring the donuts – you can be a changemaker during this transit.

New Moon August 30th: 5:37A: Organizing with Ease
The Virgo New Moon at 6° is extra potent as the Sun and Moon both trine eccentric Uranus. People are coming up with ways to blend old/new practices and technologies. The primitive and the progressive energies are working together to create a whole new world and Virgo gives you the superpower of being able to organize, clean, and clear to make space for new projects, new people, and fresh perspectives. There is a major 5-planet stellium going on in Virgo. If all that practical Earthiness is too heavy for you or the bad behaviors of Virgo are popping out, you can always find an antidote in the opposite sign (in this case Aquarius). When you’re nervous – be of service.

New Moon Numerology: 11: Magic  5: Resiliency  6°: Progress Not Perfection

New Moon Intention: I tap into and trust my innately divine gifts, finding joy in the journey, lessons through pain, and truth in my open heart.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Initiating organization
Constructive criticism
Trusting the process
Blending the old with the new
Setting up new procedures

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