April 2019

“If you’re loved by someone you’re never rejected. Decide what to be, and go be it.”
-The Avett Brothers




Intention: I’m grounded in the truth of my own sacred heart and trust the process.




Crystal: Hematite
Essential Oil: Myrrh
Books: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Radical Acceptance

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April Numerology
2019 = 3 Universal Year & April = 7 Universal Month (3 + 4 = 7)
April brings a wave of craving and hunger for something stirring deep within your soul. If it feels intense and confronting energetically this month, it is! Shifts and stability bring us an interesting energetic juxtaposition that we are called to recognize and honor with patience. You may feel unsteady on your feet and not necessarily willing to trust the process. The point is: Keep moving. This a a month of Spiritual searching, seeking and unfolding. Trust that you don’t have to “know” something in order for it to be true. Know you may feel pulled in two directions- pulled to be social while simultaneously wanting to go within and retreat. It’s okay. Honor both. Whatever stokes your fire in any given moment, trust it. Go with it. You can be a seeker and player at the same time.

April Astrology
April 1-10: Tune In.  Look back at what happened Feb 17-19, March 22-24, and see if you can build on it this week. Mercury conjuncts Neptune for the third and final pass this year: March 31-April 1. Explore the depth of your capacity. Initiate meaningful conversations. Look for significance and signs. Tap in, tune in, and dive deep. Artists, musicians, mystics and seekers of the Truth will thrive on the Mercury/Neptune conjunction Circle these dates in your calendar to schedule gallery showings (or attend) write songs, book gigs (or go see live music), be heard. The gift from this series is offered April 8-10 when Venus kisses Neptune in Pisces. Maybe one of your artistic endeavors, meditation, practices, or money making projects are coming to fruition. Look for the blessing and you’ll find it. Remember to give thanks and appreciate your own commitment to yourself and your projects this year.

Caution lights. You’re likely to be feeling itchy and irritable this first week of April due to Jupiter retrograde: April 10-August 11. Once the retrograde motion starts we get a little comfort in order.

New Moon April 5th: 3:50A: Making Lemonade.
The Aries New Moon (15°) of beginnings forms a square with disciplined Saturn in the Skies. Know this: not everything has to be learned the hard way. When life isn’t easy, there’s an easier way. If you haven’t been in action, if you haven’t worked on your goals and plans, if life has gotten in the way or thrown you some curveballs — utilize this New Moon to put you back in the game. There’s no room to slack off this year: Saturn rewards consistency and committed behavior.

New Moon Numerology: 9: Idealistic Worldview  3: Communication 15°: Responsibility

New Moon Intention: The urge to explore new opportunities to up-level and evolve my entire existence happens joyfully and easily.

Set additional intentions and wishes in these areas:
Starting something new: hobbies, habits, and health
Mental wellness + Personal responsibility
Assertiveness and confidence + Authentic and genuine communication

April 11-19: Growing pains.
With Jupiter retrograde, we get an extra dose of responsibility, or a new opportunity to grow through discipline. Why? Jupiter acts like a mini Saturn in the Skies while retrograde. That means we have two Saturns working with us until April 30th when Saturn goes retrograde. Take advantage of this year by putting in the hard work and you’ll reap the rewards. Know that we are all going through growing pains together. Encourage those who are down to jump into daily disciplined behavior to help them get out of the rut. We all rise together.

Beginnings and Endings. By April 17th, Mercury moves into Aries and we’ve got new ideas and something to say about it. Aries energy is great at starting things, but not so great at finishing them. Give yourself some breathing room on deadlines and goals, knowing some areas may stall out. Rejection is God’s protection, yes, but be clear on any project goals that are fading: Are you dodging bullets or being lazy? Determine what you need to see through and what you need to let go of with the second Libra Full Moon. Know it will be an intense environment and play it safe. You’ve had some time to stew. Whatever you couldn’t quite drop or let go of is coming back for your consideration.

Full Moon April 19th: 6:12A: Internal Justice.
The second Libra Full Moon (29°) in a row encourages you once again to be diplomatic in your life. Do the karma police have a warrant out for your arrest? Look to yourself for any imbalances in your life and leave the other person out of your assessment. Major Caution: This Pink Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus provoking irritability, restlessness, and discontent. This atmosphere can also be chemically, emotionally, and physically dangerous. Keep the pets in, stay off the streets, and pack your patience wherever you go. Avoid temptation to respond to negativity in an ugly way. Look for the break through, not the break down. Reminder: Things are happening for you, not to you.   

Full Moon Numerology: 5: Adjustments 8: Flow 29°: Interdependence

Full Moon Intention: I pay attention to my thoughts, feelings and instincts, and am willing to communicate decisively with discernment.

Set additional intentions around:
Seeking completion to restore balance
Aligning your head and your heart
Letting go of drama by acknowledging your contribution to it

April 20-24: Love motion.
Love is in the air when Venus moves into fiery Aries as the Sun enters sensual Taurus April 20th.  Soon after that, the Sun kisses Uranus in the Skies which puts energy behind our fearless leaders. This transit occurs once each year and is marked by surprises, unexpected outcomes, and a break from routine. Road trip? If you’ve had a tough time with the discipline side of this year, consider this week your get out of jail free card. Take a break from the mundane for some excitement, tap into your inner genius, and be ready to say yes.

April 25-30: Check your motives.
Things always get a little stuffy before planets go retrograde and likely is the case this week before Pluto goes retrograde in ambitious Capricorn (April 24 – October 3). Pluto deals with the dark, unknown, and mysterious side. When Pluto is retrograde we have an extra opportunity to get honest. Sometimes we creatively wrap up selfish intentions in a nice bow that makes it look like we are really good boys and girls, but the truth could be centered around selfish gains. Set yourself up for success by regularly taking inventory of the business of your life, and checking your motives.

Suspicious Minds. Mars squares Neptune once a year heightening jealousy, revenge, and downright vindictive tendencies. The stage has been set in Gemini and Pisces, adding confusion, over-thinking, and delusional conclusions. Do not jump to conclusions, but don’t be foolish either. Check yourself before you wreck yourself April 25-30. The frustration in the airwaves is compounded with Saturn slowing down before turning retrograde April 30-September 18 in Capricorn.




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