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Timing is Everything.

And it’s no coincidence that our paths have crossed today. I’m Tiffany, the founder of Wise Skies Collective, and I’m so glad you’re here! I believe in your ability to develop your spiritual gifts. My psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. I pursued training under prestigious mediums and astrologers while obtaining a Bachelors Degree in American Studies, and a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. I love helping you work with the unseen world to get clarity on your life’s biggest questions. Read more about our team here. 

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Unlock the messages of your Personality Code.

The phone numbers you dial, the license plate on the car in front of you, street signs, pin codes, your date of birth, the numbers you see over and over… number patterns are swirling around you. All matter and all energy vibrates at a specific frequency and carry a hidden numerical code. Even YOU have a ‘secret’ numerical code. Learn more in this free report from our affiliate partners at numerologist.

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How do you always know?!?!?!?
“Omg, Tiff! I swear it’s like you have my place bugged and can hear my conversations. Your Free Tarot Fridays are always spot on! How do you always know?!?!?!? Omg! You’re amazing, friend!”


Tiffany is a clear thinking and intuitive tarot reader and teacher.
“Her insights in interpreting the minor arcana were more flexible and subtle than many of the tarot books I have read.”

Wise Skies student

Your words could not have been more timely.
“I’m so happy about what you said about making a choice and how I can nurture that inner child and be ok. And that tarot reading, please girl. Those are mad skills I aspire to!”

Tarot student

The perfect fit
As a seeker, I’m always looking for more in depth information on all topics – especially of the spirit. Tiffany is clear, concise and clearly knows not only about her subject but how to share it with others. Bravo!

Kristin Ramey

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