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Purpose & Vitality
Abundance & Prosperity
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Tiffany and Amanda write the astrology and numerology forecast + podcast to help you optimize your month and guide you in understanding your personal blueprint.

Podcast Reviews

Amazing and insightful

Do you need some guidance among the stars? THIS IS FOR YOU! Informative and entertaining

Morgan Messick

Wise Skies Astrology

I can honestly say I was blown away by Amanda’s gift. Her energy was enthusiastic and encouraging. She was pulling messages from so many sources.

Terri Haas

Much love

Tiffany is one of the most intuitive, spiritual and caring people I know. Her purpose is driven and selfless.


The perfect fit

As a seeker, I’m always looking for more in depth information on all topics – especially of the spirit. Tiffany is clear, concise and clearly knows not only about her subject but how to share it with others. Bravo!

Kristin Ramey

Tiffany is the new star in astrology

… so many times the astrologybabble that you get with most podcasts is mind numbing. Not with Tiffany. She’s clear. She’s funny. She’s engaging as she tells you what the planets are up to and what you can expect for the month. She spells it out for in in plain talk about what each day holds – and THEN she offers great ideas for morning, noon and night to navigate a perfect day. She’s your secret weapon for creating a magical month – ready for anything and at the top of your game. Seriously. Get out your calendar and take notes.

Mainely Yours

Yes, I want more Wise Skies Advice.

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